The Partner Schools Global Network (PSGN) are giving schools support by training teacher and administrative the importance online child protection awareness and cyber well-being. They provide services such as the Online Safety Program, which helps schools to prepare for and respond to cyber crime attacks and identify risk indicators. 

For the first time ever, a school has a secure portal to identify and respond to cyber attacks. Letting all online bullies and trolls to stay far away, we know who you are. 

Communicating online is a great way for children to build social connections, share thoughts and ideas, while learning about their interests. With this pandemic, children's social life have been set to a halt , while online harassment, bullying and cyber harassment are increasing at an alarming pace. Their goal is to create a safe place for kids, which allows parents to keep track of their kids' online activities.

Without over bearing control over the content of online media, kids would be exposed to even more damaging cyber threats.

Parents have found it challenging to suprvise their children online while keeping the idea of privacy alive, since there are numerous ways to harass and stalk kids online. Tragic incidents in the world have made us more aware of how real this online, "make believe" world full of trolls, catfishes, even some scammers is, more alive than it ever has been in the world before.

Truth is, as time continue to go, it will only become more and more present, even apart of ever aspect of daily life task, with inventions like AR, VR, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Watching the amount of our children's friends dwelling away from sleep over to, text them at the dinner table, online chat rooms.

Technology surely isn't going anywhere. If anything, we will become totally dependent on these technologies, which are only becoming more and more powerful. With enlightened knowledge , we can truly feel connected. Be sure you take advantage of all the ways to protect your child online. Overall, we need to adapt technology to our lives in a manner that is both secure and sustainable.

Author: Kirsten K. Knoll
Palo Alto Newsroom

Social media is facing more criticism by experts who warn that  it is used to spread misleading stories and is undermining democratic processes. But how accurate are these claims? 

It's all  about what  you choose to believe. What makes users uncomfortable is  the lack of factual details or even evidence that support the claims being made.

Democrats claim the sites do not properly censor 'fake news' that is often about their candidates, while Republicans say the tech companies themselves censor conservatives. 

Facebook however has been working on addressing some of their privacy concerns  by working with   media organisations to fact check more accurate stories on the site.  As an example, last month the social media giant made the decision to stop allowing fake news stories to be posted in its Trending section.

But critics say social media is being blamed by people who lose elections, using them as a poor excuse for bad a campaign or candidate.   In some cases, users have even resorted to calling for an investigation into election fraud using Facebook 's social media channels.

 The company is currently facing complaints from members of the public who say the company has become a breeding ground for false claims , especially after the last election in the UK.

We can expect to see  similar complaints from the public who believe that Facebook is not doing enough to prevent the spread of inaccurate or misleading information on their platform ahead of the  upcoming general election.

 As such , the company has promised to spend a lot of time and resources to address the issue .  This will include a massive campaign to ensure that all stories posted on Facebook are verified. 

Author: Stephen Hannan
New York Newsroom

80 million cars powered by fossil fuels were sold last year. 
Many Tesla owners charge their cars at home, often unknowingly thanks to a coal burning power plant. 
Now meet "Lightyear"  - a startup developing a truly green electric vehicle, solar-powered.

Video Courtesy of Vice News

Fish gut powered phones
Lithium is the dominating mineral in the production of cell phone batteries and furthermore of electric vehicles. Sodium and magnesium are different options called to supplant this exceptionally debased component.

In any case, a Spanish report by the University of Córdoba along with the University of Xiamen (China) and the Wentworth Institute of Technology (Boston, United States) have focused on the ocean and China.

In China alone, around 59 million tons of fish are created every year, of which 58% isn't devoured as food and winds up turning out to be bio-squander.

Its natural option for batteries is fish collagen. This marine buildup can be utilized as vitality stockpiling material and consequently fabricated with batteries in which to supplant lithium, a decent gathered in barely any nations and whose accessibility could be scant later on.

In the three-manner work with China and the United States, Spanish specialists have explored different avenues regarding lithium batteries, utilized around the world, and with sodium and magnesium gadgets, two of the fundamental items planned to supplant lithium.

As per the finishes of the examination, the limit esteems ​​achieved in the three cases are fundamentally the same as, and significantly higher in certain extents, than those acquired with other artificially integrated materials, with the favorable position that, on this event, the anode of the battery originates from a supportable material that frequently transforms into a great many huge amounts of waste.

The specialist responsible for the undertaking at the University of Córdoba, Gregorio Ortiz, calls attention to that collagen has been utilized as an anode - negative shaft and exposed to various lab tests to gauge how it would work when joined with cathodes - positive post customary.

As per the University of Córdoba, it is the first occasion when that collagen from fish squander has been utilized for use in batteries, in spite of the fact that it had recently been utilized in different parts of the business, as an impetus to eliminate benzene, a compound unpredictable toxin that causes ecological and medical issues.

Author: Ryan Scandi
UK Newsroom
Phone hackers
Smartphones became a kind of disaster drawer into which absolutely fits all the lifetime of the user. From your emails to your contact numbers or bank codes.

So it's not surprising that cybercriminals are currently taking a interest in ' hacking ' them ; especially in cases where it's known that the user handles sensitive information . To avoid a drag , and make it difficult for a malicious third party to access the device, there are a series of measures that, along side the utilization of a top quality security solution, must be implemented.

Beware of "phishing"
The " phishing ", or spoofing so as to trick users and steal personal data, is one among the favourite cybercriminals mechanisms in their campaigns. It are often produced through different channels: email , SMS or WhatsApp message . To be effective, criminals often impersonate well-known companies or banks and send messages using social engineering to draw in the eye of the victim and make it easier for them to fall under the trap.

Recently, the National Cybersecurity Institute drew attention to a case during which hackers were posing as Amazon and other companies via email . within the message, they affirmed that the platform had a special offer for all those that fill out a form during which a good sort of personal information was requested, also because the mastercard .

It is extremely important to use sense . within the case of scams that attempt to steal the user's checking account , for instance , you've got to understand that banks don't inherit contact with the customer

To avoid falling into the trap, experts recommend paying close attention to emails and messages received from third parties. Especially people who are sent, theoretically, by companies and public institutions. just in case the message is strange, and if it doesn't add up that it's sent via " mail ", SMS or WhatsApp, it should be contacted by means of a call with, supposedly, signed. Likewise, it's advisable to verify that the domain that sends the message is that the official one among the sender.

«It is extremely important to use sense . within the case of scams that attempt to steal the user's checking account , for instance , you've got to understand that banks don't contact the customer through emails or via SMS to invite their credentials. it's very rare. i might say that it doesn't happen with any entity. just in case we've a doubt, it's advisable to call our bank and consult it ", tells ABC José De la Cruz , technical director of the cybersecurity firm Trend Micro Iberia.

Take an honest look before downloading an app
The " apps " have helped to significantly facilitate the user's life. However, cybersecurity experts recommend being very careful before downloading them, as they will host computer viruses and steal control or information that's stored on the device.

One of the foremost common techniques employed by criminals who work with "apps" is forging popular platforms to urge more downloads. The study "A Multi-modal Neural Embeddings Approach for Detecting Mobile Counterfeit Apps", prepared by the University of Sydney and published last year, maintains that, during two years, the presence of quite 2,000 applications for Android present within the official Google Play store posing as other well-known "apps" and containing "malware", that is, computer viruses.

That is why it's crucial to pay close attention to the very fact that the appliance we would like to download is that the original one . "This are often seen by checking the amount of downloads, the reviews of other users or the syntax within the description," Eusebio Nieva , technical director of the cybersecurity company Check Point , told this newspaper . Likewise, the expert highlights that it's essential to always download the applications from the official stores of the devices, be it the Google Play Store, on Android, or the App Store, on iOS.

WiFi isn't good for everything
Open WiFi networks are widespread for years, but there's certain information that ought to not be consulted when connected to at least one of them, since it's going to are "hacked". «In general, people have the incorrect perception that using an open Wi-Fi network doesn't have any quite danger for his or her security of the info stored on the device that's connected, in order that they don't take the required measures to ensure protection of your information, "they say during a statement from the cybersecurity company Check Point.

To avoid risks, it's important to not consult sensitive information when connected, like the checking account . Likewise, the browsing history and cookies, also because the browser's temporary files, must be deleted after using them.

Keep the device up so far (and inaccessible)
The application updates and operating systems are crucial to strengthening the safety of the terminal. And it's that, normally, the new versions are amid solutions of open gaps which will be exploited by cybercriminals.

For this reason, cybersecurity experts recommend not letting time pass and completing the corresponding update as soon because it is out there . Likewise, it's advisable to stay the services that we've installed on the "smartphone" duly protected by using strong passwords .

"A good password must be of considerable length and intelligible"
The password of a social network, for instance , is that the key that provides access to its interior; so it's not something to be chosen randomly . Thus, when creating one, it's important to use ingenuity in order that they're especially difficult to decipher. That happens, of course, by not using personal information, like birthday dates, or dozing off and typing the classic and dangerous 12345 on the keyboard.

'A good password must be of considerable length and intelligible. The user must not use in any case a word that has got to do with him, like his month of birth or his name. It must even have numbers, letters and special signs, like asterisks or dollar symbols, "ethical hacker Deepak Daswani told ABC .

In addition to always employing a strong password, it's important that the user change it frequently. in theory , having it done once every three months would be enough. Likewise, it's not advisable to use an equivalent altogether social networks. within the event that a platform suffers a knowledge leak, or the user falls victim to a cyber scam, the utilization of various passwords can help limit the risks of losing control of several sites at an equivalent time.

Author: Lan Jing
Asia News Team

Microsoft's ambitious, dual-screen Android phone is priced at $1,399 and with release date of Sept. 10th. Let's take a look and see if Microsoft can return to the mobile market. 
Online storefront
Magento Ecommerce package allows you to focus on your ecommerce store and does away with the hassle of integrating with other parts of the system. The team at Magento includes ecommerce experts as well as code specialists, so that the novices can easily create a fully-functional ecommerce store.

The package, which costs $8,000 per year, includes a fully-functional shop front that allows you to create a truly professional store, with checkout procedure that is simple and quick. Apart from the Magento theme customization, you have the integrated payment gateway, so that the orders and payments can be managed easily.

The preferred way of doing business these days is to turn your store into an anchor, so that it attracts traffic and users. So, Magento-based ecommerce solutions are the most suited ones. You can select from a wide range of extensions and add another layer of protection to your ecommerce store.

A well designed Magento store has an intuitive user interface and can be easily customized as well. You can edit and upgrade the software, so that you can easily handle any situation that may arise. Moreover, this software is of high quality and is SEO compliant, which means that it can be easily integrated with search engines and can bring a good amount of traffic into your store.

While Magento is easy to use, it comes with a lot of functionality that makes it powerful ecommerce software in the world. You can easily search for products, place an order and pay immediately. The software also offers you the opportunity to customize your store and can tailor it according to your preferences. It helps you with online Payments as well, Confirmation Emails regarding deliveries and track status-so that you do not have to invest extra time and effort.

With the emergence of Magento in the e-commerce sector, web designers have become quite competitive. But with Magento Website Builder, they can easily customize a great looking store front without hiring an expert web designer. Yes, developers at low cost will bring the flexibility and reliability of shopping carts into your store without any extra cost.

When you are ready to take the decision to go in for Magento ecommerce development, it is high time to check out the options available. What is the best, low or high fee for Magento customization? Which Magento Extensions are compatible with your ecommerce platform? Which Magento Theme that will match your design and style?

Before you start shopping around for Magento ecommerce developers, it is high time to have a look at the market and see whether the ones who have been serving the online industry since a long time provide you with all the features that you want. Just compare their prices and you will end up with the right one, don't you think?

Author: Brian Kelly
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Photo Of Bitcoin Loans
Currently, a lot are going through hard times due to the effect of the recent pandemic which hit the globe gross. This pandemic is not one that would be forgotten too soon as many have lost their family members and loved ones, many have lost their jobs and source of livelihood. In the midst of this threat to sustenance, cryptocurrency loans are helping to provide for needs.

When Covid Hit...

In late 2019, coronavirus was identified as the cause of the disease (COVID-19) outbreak that started in China. The disease started to spread and increase around countries as people traveled around the world ( it has infected people in over 200 countries) and in March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak a pandemic.

The pandemic has since its start has impacted virtually all the sectors negatively and continues to eat deep into the economy as it continues. Its effect has been termed as the worst recession the world has faced since the Great Depression of the 1930s and it is believed that only a partial recovery would be seen in 2021.

In a quest to contain and combat the virus, countries have been forced into debts with the UK government spendings on the virus measures pushing to a staggering over £2 trillion debt. A lot of people have lost their jobs (700,000 in the US alone), some people have seen their salaries take a huge cut, the inability to gather a large crowd has put an end to cinemas and live performances by musicians, and the sustenance of many is at stake.

To cushion the effect of the pandemic, many countries are implementing favorable financial measures to increase their health systems capacity and provide relief to the sectors and citizens that are mainly affected. Researchers are trying hard to make a vaccine but it may take between 1 and 2 years to find one that works safely, so a cure is not seen in near months.

Despite The Negative Effects Of The Present Pandemic, Crypto Loans Is Working Wonders..

Crypto loans are helping to save lives today. With the effects of the pandemic hitting hard, the eyes of many are being widely opened to crypto loans.

You can acquire a bitcoin loan within a short time, it only requires you to create an account on the loan platform. The transactions are transparent and instantaneous at no extra fees asides interests making them cheaper and also fraud-free.

Are you being severely hit by the effects of the pandemic?
Is your means of sustenance at stake?
Do you have cryptocurrency investment you don't want to lose and yet want to make passive income on them?

A crypto loan may just be the solution!

Author: Dustin Hajivic
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Beneath its icy surface, Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus has many surprises: a reservoir of liquid water, organic chemical compounds, and hydrothermal vents. Find out what you need to know about Enceladus, an ocean world which may have conditions friendly to life.

Video Courtesy Of NASA
Promo Code For Existing Users Of DoorDash and Uber Eats

If you’re using Uber, UberEats, or DoorDash, you likely got your first ride or placed your first order employing a promo code that was strictly for brand spanking new users. Since then, you’ve spent plenty but haven’t gotten any discounts, like they forgot about existing customers.

Finally there’s an answer for everybody asking when these apps will have promo codes for existing users! It’s about time those that faithfully and frequently get rides from Uber, or food delivered from Doordash and Uber Eats get something too.

The Existing Users Discount Comes Via a replacement ‘Cash Back’ App

Yes, it’s totally free — no membership fees ever! you merely use it when ordering your food from Doordash/UberEats, or before you invite a ride from Uber.

It’s called Fluz and it’s available for both iPhone and Android.

Promo Code and Existing Customer Makes A Happy User  DoorDash Existing Users Enjoying A Promo Code

Up To 45% Cash Back EVERY Time…

Yep, we’re not talking a few small discount either. This really adds up if you employ these apps often like I do.

At the time of scripting this , the present offer is 20% but i think it goes as high as 38% and as low as 2% (there’s dozens of popular places you'll earn cashback from on here, and it looks like they rotate which of them pay high or low).

Getting A Promo Code As An Existing User of Uber and DoorDash

The Fluz App Is Quick Cashback Earnings From Dozens Of Popular Places. catch on at

Actually Get Your ‘Cash Back’…

You may have wasted time on other apps that used the term ‘cash back’ just to see future discounts  had a limited place to use them.

I’m happy to report, none of that BS here. You’re able to transfer money to your checking account via PayPal — whenever you want… the cash = back!

With No Fees, Ever…

This isn’t some scheme where they’ll let a bunch of individuals join free, then slap a monthly fee thereon once it’s popular enough. They promise NEVER to charge a fee.

“No transaction fees. No signup fees. No payout fees” the sole thing the app allows is EARNING!
How Can they are doing This?

My first concern was — are they selling my personal info? the solution isn’t just no — but they’re actually protecting it. You’ll only got to link your card once then can begin spending at dozens of places earning cash back. Before Fluz, you'd have needed to offer your card to each single one among them. They guard your info with “Bank level-security” AES-256 encryption.

They’ve simply arranged partnerships with the businesses you see inside. Apps like this attract smart spenders — the people that search for good rewards programs actually tend to earn extra money . They’re people that are smart with their money, because they worked hard to earn it.

So — existing users of Uber, Uber Eats, and Doordash — enjoy this one! Life isn’t so bad as an existing customer.

Grab your discounts at

Author: Cody Garrison
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