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Apple Will Soon Halt Support for Older iPad Models...

According to recent reports, Apple has decided to discontinue technical support for the first and fifth generation iPads. This means that owners of these iPad models will no longer be able to receive assistance from Apple's technical support team, either over the phone or at an Apple Store.

This move is not uncommon for Apple, as they often phase out support for older devices in order to focus on their newer products. This decision may come as a disappointment to some iPad owners, but it is important to note that Apple will still continue to provide support for newer iPad models.

Video courtesy of ABC News

Browser Startups Say They Can't Fairly Compete With Chrome and Safari, and they may get Regulators to take Action...

Rivals in the web-browser market are raising concerns about the dominance of Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome, and global regulators are taking notice as they focus more on the power of big tech companies.

How Safari and Chrome became so big and what moves regulators are considering...

 Video Courtesy Of WSJ

Apple Releases New 'Homepod Mini' Just In Time For The Holidays...

The entry-level smart speakers from Apple, Amazon and Google each make for a good smart home starting point. We pit them head to head to head to find out which one is the best for your household. 

We compare sound quality, smart home capabilities, general knowledge, extras and value. The hardware is important, but you're also getting a smart home platform and a voice-enabled digital assistant. So Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant battle it out in the video as well.

Video courtesy of CNET

Apple's Chief Of Security ARRESTED After Trying To Bribe Police With iPads, for Concealed Weapons Permits....

Apple security arrested

Apple's chief security officer has been charged with bribery for allegedly offering to donate many iPads to the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office in exchange for concealed carry weapons permits for Apple employees.

Thomas Moyer, Apple's head of worldwide security, was indicted last week as a part of a two-year investigation into the sheriff's office, the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office said Monday. Moyer allegedly agreed to donate 200 iPads worth $70,000 to the Sheriff's Office in exchange for four permits that had been withheld from Apple employees, the District Attorney's Office said during a statement.

The deal was scuttled in August 2019 when Sheriff's Department officials involved within the scheme learned of the District Attorney's investigation into the department's concealed carry licenses, the DA's office said.

Also indicted within the scheme were Santa Clara Undersheriff Rick Sung and Capt. James Jensen, who allegedly requested the bribes, the DA's office said.

Apple is headquartered in Santa Clara County, the guts of the Silicon Valley .

Earlier this year, Apple was granted a short lived restraining order against a San Francisco man who allegedly showed up at Tim Cook's house with a bottle of champagne and flowers, on another occasion entered the Apple CEO's property without permission and made threatening statements.

Neither Apple nor Moyer skilled requests for comment.

Martin Tello
Silicon Valley News Team