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This Stock Trading App Just LIFTED Requirements To Claim 3 FREE Stocks...

Webull Reivew 2022 Free Stocks

Now There's NO PURCHASE NECESSARY To Get The Free Stock! 

You may have seen previous promotions from this and other stock trading apps for free stocks, but then learned that comes only after you buy some, or transfer your account over from another broker.

They're experimenting with making it easier to claim, by lowering requirements dramatically.

Simply Deposit ANYTHING - Yes, Even $1 Will Get You Your Free Stock...

Because of its user-friendly UI, Webull is one of the top stock trading apps. The US-based worldwide financial trading provider has a simple and user-friendly design that appeals to both novice and experienced stock traders.

Options, stocks, ETFs, and American Depository Receipts are all available (ADRs). Webull offers zero commission trading and no minimum deposits on all tradable assets.

On pace to Become The #1 Stock App...

Is the newcomers at Webull, hoping that their offer of 4 free stocks worth up to $6300 for new users wild o the trick. 

Yes, this is the same company that was doing 2 free stocks a few weeks ago, they have indeed doubled it.

Their competition Robinhood still only gives 1 stock, and limits it's value at just $200.

It's War for the #1 Spot Among Stock Apps...

Now offering 3 free stocks to new users who join via special invite links like this onethis is double the free stock giveaways that competitors offer.

Team's Review Conclusion: This Actually Is The Better App...

Webull feels like it has all the power features other apps lacked, there's much more data available, but remains user friendly.

It's worth trying, especially if they're giving you 4 stocks to do so. So head on over to Webull's site and claim yours! It's extremely simple to use, and most people will learn the basics of using it within a day.

Once you've learned the basics, and the amount of money you have invested rises, you want more.  You want more details on the companies, in-depth charts, more data on the market, etc.

There's an almost endless list of features and tools to learn.  

> Did you try it and win a high-value stock? Share the details Info@Technews.City

Author: Don Kennedy
Austin Newsdesk | Webull Review 

Can You Handle The Life Of A Contractor And Today's Gig Econcomy?

There is no shortage of micro jobs in Silicon Valley: There are "gig" jobs that involve nothing more than a laptop or smartphone and a handful of contractors who take the job for a fee. There are also other types of jobs that require fewer workers but are still micro in nature.

Such as: "lounge" which is a job that has only a small number of people working or that is done in a limited way, such as working a desk outfitted with the most technologically advanced computers, a couple times a year; "bug," which is a job that has a big number of people doing something in a limited way but one that can still be done by a group of people at a time (the "bug" job) and which is performed at a desk by a handful of people who use specialized software.

As the number of independent contractors increases, the quality of work that can be done in micro jobs or micro gigs declines as well; the work required of these individuals is often too small, the work tasks too small, and the workload too small.

The idea that they want to get away from being dependent on the government and work for themselves is something that many of us have heard a lot about recently.

What this really means is that the internet has a very small amount of government involvement in it, with the exception of the FCC making sure that if one of the sites you visit gets banned or shut down, it also doesn't just affect you but your ISP . It's actually more important for the ISP that lets you visit some web sites and don't get banned than it is that you visit them. All ISPs have to do is check a database that includes a list of web pages that have been blacklisted, and if they see one on the list that's blocked that day, they won't let you visit it.

The government doesn't just look at those databases and then block everything; they use a set of algorithms to try to guess the most popular page, and then block it based on what the most popular pages on that page contain. If you were to look at the top ten sites on that list and read through any of them, if they had a message on them, it might say something like "NSA surveillance not supported by American law." That's not to say that the content on these sites isn't interesting. On the contrary, it's often more interesting than what you read on the popular and reputable sites on the list

Matthew Meyatt.

So, I Just Fell Head First Into The Blockchain and Bitcoin Rabbit Hole...

Crypto with Bitcoin
Once I discovered Blockchaine I spent an entire day learning everything I could about the tech, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

What the heck is the 'blockchain' going to be? Why do you want it anyway? What's the deal with the name 'Blockchain' being in quotes? Why is that important?

To my knowledge this is not the first time someone has asked this of Blockchain in recent days or week? If I were to guess I would say that the information might have been discovered on some other blockchain as well.

I asked - without blockchain what is our hopes of ever actually having people or a company willing to run an audit to verify that the information they were sharing was accurate?

After a period of time he decided to go ahead and contact the person I had linked to the information on Blockchain and to prove I had used his user information. He informed me that there is a problem with his information and that I will have to submit some sort of document to prove I am who I claim to be and that this is just the beginning.

I responded that I would do everything I could to verify this information and offer a reward to anyone who confirms some of this information. We agreed that if this info is not correct then I will take the money and he will keep it for himself. He did not take any other action to confirm that he had not given me the wrong information.

In the end, I caught up on the latest cryptocurrency news so I knew what was happening today.This process requires a considerable time and effort.

I've decided my first move will be in the crypto loan market wish me luck!

So, sorry to my mom, dad, girlfriend.  I'm one of those guys who won't shut up about blockchain.

Author: Weson King

We Name The BEST Banking and Investing Apps Of 2020...

investing apps banking
Searching for the best financial and banking applications to manage your money and stau on target? A strong mobile investing application can deal with routine budgetary undertakings, manage cash and saving records, track spending and the sky is the limit from there.

Giving you more spare time to accomplish a greater amount of the things you truly love to do.

Here's a portion of the top applications for getting your funds sorted out and managed. This rundown incorporates non-customary applications that assist you with dealing with your funds and contribute.

These applications are incredible for amateurs, and they make it simple for those simply beginning to contribute or somebody hoping to play on Wall Street from the comfort of home.

Our top investment and banking apps are:

  • Acorns
  • Robinhood
  • Betterment
  • Stockpile
  • Invstr
  • Wealthbase

They're all free to try out, with no costs for signing up.  So download them, and poke around the app, then choose whichever felt best for your needs.

Author: Cody Washington

Tesla Competitors Race To Market...

Coming soon - Tesla Competitors Race To Market...