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Replacing Hard Drives With... GLASS!? Microsoft Proves The Shocking Ability for Glass to hold MASSIVE Amounts of Data...

Microsoft's Project Silica is an effort to demonstrate that the company is capable of storing data for an extended period of time utilizing glass as the storage medium. Glass is the medium of the future for the storage of long-term data.

The Superman film from 1978 was etched onto a piece of glass through a collaborative effort between Microsoft and Warner Bros., which involved the use of lasers. This was done with the intention of demonstrating that the technology could be applied in environments other than the laboratory.

Video courtesy of CNET

Public Trust In Tech Companies Reaches New Lows...

Fortune and Harris' new survey of consumer trust in the major tech companies showed that no company surveyed (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft) can claim that more than half of consumers entrust them with personal data. 

The online survey of more than 2,000 consumers in mid-October found that Amazon topped the list, with 49% of respondents saying they trusted the company with personal data (e.g., browsing history, location data, contacts, and photos). 

How The Big Ones Faired...

Google was approved by 41% of respondents, Microsoft was trusted by 40%, and Apple was approved by 39%. Facebook came in last place, with only 22% of Americans surveyed agreeing they trust them with their personal information, and Apple was fourth despite its efforts to position itself as the most privacy-friendly tech company. 

48% of those polled said that their perception of the company had become much more or somewhat negative over the past six months, while 17% said that their perception has been much more or somewhat positive. 

The public’s distrust of big technology comes at a time when Congress is considering a new, comprehensive federal privacy law. 

Stewart Reese
Silicon Valley Newsroom