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What Artificial Intelligence Discovered After Studying How Kids With Autism from Around The World Communicate…

AI Autism Kids

Northwestern University and Hong Kong researchers collaborated on a study to provide insight on the causes and diagnostics of this condition. This method employs machine learning to identify Cantonese and English-like speech patterns in autistic youngsters. Researchers may now be able to distinguish between genetic and environmental influences on the communication skills of autistic persons, allowing them to better understand the disorder's causes and develop novel therapies. Recently, the astounding results were also published in the journal PLOS One.

The research group successfully developed a supervised machine learning method to identify speech variations associated with autism. The training dataset consists of recordings of young children with and without autism narrating in English and Cantonese their interpretations of the events recounted in the wordless children's picture book "Frog, Where Are You?"

Observations indicate that children with autism frequently speak more slowly than typically developing children. Tone, intonation, and rhythm are other distinguishing characteristics of their speech. It is extremely difficult to consistently and objectively explain "prosodic" distinctions, and decades have passed since their origins were established.

Given the structural differences between English and Cantonese, the researchers anticipated that any commonalities identified in the speech patterns of autistic children across both languages were likely related to genetics...

In addition, the researchers saw a spectrum of variance that indicated more malleable parts of speech that could be used as intervention targets. Researchers made significant progress by employing machine learning to identify the speech patterns most symptomatic of autism. Prior to this, they were limited by the bias of the English language in autism research and the subjectivity of humans when it came to categorizing speech discrepancies between individuals with and without autism.

The research led to the identification of speech characteristics, with rhythm emerging as the most crucial in terms of its ability to properly predict an autism diagnosis. The experts have high hopes that this research will increase our understanding of autism. In addition, they believe AI has the potential to facilitate autism diagnosis by reducing the burden on medical professionals and streamlining the process. Additionally, the study seeks to identify and grasp the function of certain genes and brain processing systems associated with an inherited susceptibility to autism. 

Their ultimate goal is to better comprehend the factors that contribute to the speech differences of autistic individuals. The team will study if processing differences in the brain contribute to previously identified behavioral speech patterns and their underlying neural genetics. They are quite keen to explore this new terrain further.

Author: Trevor Kingsley
Tech News CITY /New York Newsroom

New Tech Gives New Meaning To 'Personalized Healthcare'...

Pravene Nath, Global Head for Digital Health Strategy at Roche joins us at WIRED Health:Tech 2020 to share the challenges and opportunities with digital health at this point, what we might learn from prior work and how we're thinking about the role of a pharmaceutical company in contributing to the future of digital health.

Video courtesy of Wired UK

Scientists Discover Replacement For Lithium Cellphone Batteries... And Well, It's FISH GUTS...

Fish gut powered phones
Lithium is the dominating mineral in the production of cell phone batteries and furthermore of electric vehicles. Sodium and magnesium are different options called to supplant this exceptionally debased component.

In any case, a Spanish report by the University of Córdoba along with the University of Xiamen (China) and the Wentworth Institute of Technology (Boston, United States) have focused on the ocean and China.

In China alone, around 59 million tons of fish are created every year, of which 58% isn't devoured as food and winds up turning out to be bio-squander.

Its natural option for batteries is fish collagen. This marine buildup can be utilized as vitality stockpiling material and consequently fabricated with batteries in which to supplant lithium, a decent gathered in barely any nations and whose accessibility could be scant later on.

In the three-manner work with China and the United States, Spanish specialists have explored different avenues regarding lithium batteries, utilized around the world, and with sodium and magnesium gadgets, two of the fundamental items planned to supplant lithium.

As per the finishes of the examination, the limit esteems ​​achieved in the three cases are fundamentally the same as, and significantly higher in certain extents, than those acquired with other artificially integrated materials, with the favorable position that, on this event, the anode of the battery originates from a supportable material that frequently transforms into a great many huge amounts of waste.

The specialist responsible for the undertaking at the University of Córdoba, Gregorio Ortiz, calls attention to that collagen has been utilized as an anode - negative shaft and exposed to various lab tests to gauge how it would work when joined with cathodes - positive post customary.

As per the University of Córdoba, it is the first occasion when that collagen from fish squander has been utilized for use in batteries, in spite of the fact that it had recently been utilized in different parts of the business, as an impetus to eliminate benzene, a compound unpredictable toxin that causes ecological and medical issues.

Author: Ryan Scandi
UK Newsroom

FREE FOOD Delivered During Coronavirus Crisis - Don't Go Hungry While 'Sheltering In Place' Thanks To These Apps...

Photo of DoorDash Promo Code and Uber Eats
Just because the streets are empty, doesn’t mean your stomach needs to be too!

A number of services have made account credits available to people who may need to use their services during this time.

Here’s how you can claim free food delivered to your door while you 'shelter in place'.

Note: These are only for people who have not used these programs before. Unfortunately for existing users these will not work. 


DoorDash: This one is fast, easy, and a enough to cover a meal!

  • You MUST join this special link, otherwise no credit will be given.
  • You will receive a $15 to spend in the app immediately!


Uber Eats: You Uber drivers can't take passengers right now, but they will deliver your food!

  • For this one, you need to go to and enter code “eats-rossi3”.
  • The amount varies by area but expect something between $5 and $20, also immediately!


Groceries Delivered: While food from restaurants is great, you may want do make a home cooked meal, or need items that aren't food related at all. For that, there’s Shipt.

  • They’ll buy ANYTHING you need at the grocery store (places like Safeway) and deliver to your door.
  • Click here and get $50 off!

America thanks our delivery workers!
Make sure to tip them a little extra during this challenging time.

Author: Garrett Kain
Silicon Valley Newsroom

Earth Will Survive, Humans Might Not...

Tech news alternative energy
So humans must come with a way to fix it. The obvious answer is energy.

Now, there is really no need and no reason why this solution hasn't been tried already. We could use a whole bunch of nuclear energy, as many of such as the sun. We could generate the energy by burning coal, wind power, oil or nuclear reactors. If the government is interested, it wouldn't be too hard, but why give up on it?

As energy becomes more available, more people will want to use it. If we start with the cheapest solution then that will be energy access to people. We have the technology for this.

The problem is that if we make energy more expensive then we will end up being a burden to society, a burden for the taxpayers and a burden for the climate. If we make energy more expensive, it will create more demand and the economy will get more productive. As this happens, it will only happen because more people want to go to work. People will come out of retirement, go to work and have a job.

If we allow governments to take away energy rights so that the people are dependent on the governments for their access to energy, we will see more pollution, more climate change, more destruction and a higher cost of energy.

It seems to go without saying that governments do this to people. If the environment is on the line they destroy people's livelihoods, like in Iraq and Afghanistan. They destroy entire populations with chemical weapons and in the case of Israel.

If we don't have energy rights why would we have the people rely on us? They do their job as a responsibility and are responsible for the world, not us. So how is it going to work that we depend on all those people?

Now think about this from the point of view of the people. Is this really a problem? It feels good to look at your smartphone as you are working or watching TV. But from the person's standpoint this is a huge burden. From their perspective it's not so good to do that and not have the energy. In fact, they don't even have enough energy to even start doing their work.

The answer is energy access from renewable sources. This is important. But the solution is not to make more energy expensive. It is to provide more power from renewable sources.

To make that happen, the governments need a very strong price signal. And this doesn't get any stronger than the one that allows for unlimited supplies.

Author: Hal Burr

Inside The Race Towards A Coronavirus Vaccine...

It's the question everyone is asking - when can we expect a vaccine?

The growing coronavirus outbreak is causing chaos in global financial markets,supply chains and causing companies all over the world to create work-for-home plans and ban business travel. At pharma companies and research labs, though, the race is on to develop a cure for coronavirus, or at least its symptoms.

Video courtesy of CNBC

Coronavirus Has You Working From Home? Here's 5 Tips To Make The Change Easier..

Not everyone enjoys working from home. Here are five tips from Ana Maria Montero and Tanya König  on how to make the best of your home office during the coronavirus crisis.

Video Courtesy Of CNN Switzerland