Apple Pay will Soon Be An Option for iPhone Users with WINDOWS PCs - No Safari Needed; Both Chrome and Firefox to Be Supported...

Apple Pay on Windows PC Chrome Firefox

Apple is about to make waves in the digital payment space when iOS 18 goes live - support for Apple Pay on non-Safari desktop web browsers. That's right, apple pay in Windows PCs inside of Chrome or Firefox. It appears Apple's goal is to make Apple Pay something  people use for every transaction they make.

Apple demonstrated the new feature for a group of developers at WWDC 2024 who shared the details with us. 

Here's How it Will Work...

If you’re browsing the web on a desktop browser that isn’t Safari and you spot an Apple Pay button, you’re in luck, clicking that button will now generate a special QR code. Pull out your

iPhone running iOS 18, scan the code, and voila – it's like any other Apple Pay transaction from this point. This not only makes shopping more convenient but also bridges the gap between different platforms, enhancing the overall user experience.

Until Now, Apple Pay Was Only Accessible in Very Specific Situations...

Using Apple Pay outside of an Apple produced mobile device was limited to Macs computers/laptops, and even they were limited to using it only when using the Safari browser. This update really is a big change.

Regardless of your browser or operating system, you might start noticing a lot more Apple Pay buttons popping up across the web.

From a particle point of view, this option seems both faster and easier than typing in a credit card number.  But in cases where someone is using service they use often and likely has their card on file, using Apple Pay would be an additional pointless step.

Stay tuned for more updates as we inch closer to the iOS 18 release date this fall!

Author: Alex Benningram
Tech News CITY /New York Newsroom