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Banking App PAYS YOU To Try It Out - Stars Leonardo DeCaprio and Robert Downey Jr Fund New 'Green' Banking Startup...

Aspiration Mobile App Download and Review

From Hollywood to finance? This banking app is backed by stars Leonardo DeCaprio and Robert Downey Jr - they're entering the financial sector, and keeping their involvement 'behind the scenes' for this one.  

With DiCaprio's Investment This "Environmentally Cconscious" Banking App is PAYING People to Try It...

Yes, the rumors are confirmed that a "green digital banking" solution that just launched is backed by the funds of DiCaprio himself.

With these funds they can afford the expensive but effective marketing strategy of  paying people to try it out - you can claim $50 once you setup the app and your first transaction.

DiCaprio is going all in on his 'stop global warming' campaign, so this is part of multiple earth-friendly investments, others include the climate technology fund with Princeville Capital, and new adviser role with green start-up Bluon Energy. 

The app is called Aspiration, which NerdWallet described as "the only socially conscious bank on their list" caught his eye. Now it's caught ours, so lets get right in to this Aspiration Review!

"Each year, $100 billion worth of pipelines, drilling and other fossil fuel-extraction projects are funded with money deposited at traditional banks. To bring about long-term solutions for our planet, we need alternatives that empower everyday consumers to take action against climate change…" is how DiCaprio decided to invest in the new app, he tells us.

With this, the Aspiration Banking App has $100 Million in venture capital to play with, and they're spending it.

This graphic shows some of the new things they're bringing to banking....:
Aspiration app review bank Zelle cash back app
A look at some features.

Get Your Piece of the $100 Million Pie…

Now you can get those good feelings Leo got, by getting the app, getting a $50 'welcome' deposit from then, and then choosing a charity you'd like them to donate another $25 to.

At a price tag of $75 spent on every new user it's the biggest mobile banking app bonus we've seen so far.

…and that's not even everything, lastly, being a user comes with cell phone insurance up to $600 included for free!

I have to admit, it feels good getting some perks from a bank, that's something I only heard of as a 'back in my day' story from parents and grandparents.

Is It Actually Worth Using?

It actually is! They refund your ATM charges (not just the ones your bank charges, they literally pay you $3 if an ATM charged you $3!)

The app is free, with the option to donate if you like it, or not.

They pay you interest on the funds you save with them, and those profits won't be made by investing in companies that pollute.

So do some good for the world, and claim your $50 by joining the free app now.

Author: Don Kennedy
Austin Newsdesk Aspiration Review

Like Free Money? You like this app too: Cash Back on Gas!

This Stock Trading App Just LIFTED Requirements To Claim 3 FREE Stocks...

Webull Reivew 2022 Free Stocks

Now There's NO PURCHASE NECESSARY To Get The Free Stock! 

You may have seen previous promotions from this and other stock trading apps for free stocks, but then learned that comes only after you buy some, or transfer your account over from another broker.

They're experimenting with making it easier to claim, by lowering requirements dramatically.

Simply Deposit ANYTHING - Yes, Even $1 Will Get You Your Free Stock...

Because of its user-friendly UI, Webull is one of the top stock trading apps. The US-based worldwide financial trading provider has a simple and user-friendly design that appeals to both novice and experienced stock traders.

Options, stocks, ETFs, and American Depository Receipts are all available (ADRs). Webull offers zero commission trading and no minimum deposits on all tradable assets.

On pace to Become The #1 Stock App...

Is the newcomers at Webull, hoping that their offer of 4 free stocks worth up to $6300 for new users wild o the trick. 

Yes, this is the same company that was doing 2 free stocks a few weeks ago, they have indeed doubled it.

Their competition Robinhood still only gives 1 stock, and limits it's value at just $200.

It's War for the #1 Spot Among Stock Apps...

Now offering 3 free stocks to new users who join via special invite links like this onethis is double the free stock giveaways that competitors offer.

Team's Review Conclusion: This Actually Is The Better App...

Webull feels like it has all the power features other apps lacked, there's much more data available, but remains user friendly.

It's worth trying, especially if they're giving you 4 stocks to do so. So head on over to Webull's site and claim yours! It's extremely simple to use, and most people will learn the basics of using it within a day.

Once you've learned the basics, and the amount of money you have invested rises, you want more.  You want more details on the companies, in-depth charts, more data on the market, etc.

There's an almost endless list of features and tools to learn.  

> Did you try it and win a high-value stock? Share the details Info@Technews.City

Author: Don Kennedy
Austin Newsdesk | Webull Review 

Which Are The Best Investing Apps Of 2020? We Let Them Battle It Out...

investment apps
If you don't know, Robinhood is an app that allows users to buy and sell shares without fees or commissions. As the app has grown, new features have been added, including the ability to introduce you to cryptocurrencies and trading options (more on that later). If you have come to the conclusion that you should do more with your extra funds, let us take a look at how it can help you invest your money.

However, lately we've preferred a new rival to RobinHood, called Webull. Think of it as Robinhood upgraded with more features, and they also give 2 free stocks to join.

Whether you are a beginner in investing or an experienced trading professional, this trading tool gives everyone access to the financial markets. Whether you are investing in the stock market or buying funds, shares, options or commissions - for free, you will be helped to understand your financial market when you buy a fund, bitcoin or any other investment option. In addition to buying funds or shares or options for free and trading with other investors, they can access real-time market data, read relevant financial news and never forget to inform you about important events.

TD Ameritrade is one of the country's leading brokerage agencies and offers several mobile apps for investors, including mobile traders. These apps offer convenience and portability so you can manage your investment portfolio on the go on your mobile device or laptop. SmartAsset rounds up the best day trading apps of 2019 for tech savvy investors. Today - Trading app makes it easy to buy and sell stocks, mutual funds and other securities.

Lawnmower is a great app for people who want to invest in cryptocurrencies but don't have hundreds of dollars to drop them once. You may have heard of micro-investing apps that focus on stock markets, ETFs and the like, but you need a micro-investing app like this because it enables super-small investments.

If you don't have a lot of money to get started, look at micro-investing platforms such as Acorns and Stash. Both specialize in 'fractional' investments, meaning you can buy a portion of a stock market-traded fund. If you only have a few pennies to invest and a little more care to support your money, options like Swell and Betterment offer a socially conscious portfolio that invests in renewable energy, clean technology, and more.  Acorn portfolios can get you going even if you only invest a few dollars, because you can't buy all the stocks.

Investment apps offer various tools to help novices invest in the stock market. Millions of people use them to buy and sell shares. These investment apps will help you learn how to invest directly in stocks without wasting money on trading fees. The best and cheapest online stockbrokers offer a variety of investment options at a low cost. DIYSIP shares ETF, which is done in a few minutes. Invest in mutual funds and stay at the top of the stock market.

The College Investor does not include investments in stocks, automatic deposits and more. M1 Finance is first class in investment with all investments Offers are available on the marketplace and the rest for free. They offer some pretty revolutionary tools and investment apps that allow you to set up a portfolio for free and invest in a properly allocated portfolio. You can invest without paying a $5 transaction commission when you buy.

Robinhood is equipped with a full-fledged online trading platform, unlike some of the other cryptocurrency trading apps you will find later in this article. Robinhood enables trading worth $0, which means users can trade cryptocurrencies, stocks and ETF options without paying any commissions. This is what most Pro apps are designed for.

Beginner's mistakes can cost you more than just your self-esteem when it comes to investing your money in the stock market. The mobile apps of stockbrokers are also a significant factor. A mobile app is where you can check stock prices, buy and sell from anywhere. To make it easier, we are here to help.

Buying shares is easier, cheaper and more accessible with new investment apps aimed at budding investors. Check our freedom to invest in the stock market for free and never pay commissions or fees when you buy or sell shares. We don't use these apps for actual trading, but they can be helpful for beginners. Don't know how to invest? Do you think you can spot stocks - market winners?

Author: Garrett Kain
Silicon Valley Newsroom

The Next Generation, Building The Next Generation Of Technology...

Our every day lives are filled with and dominated by computers, to the extent that I would be hard pressed to know what items in my home are typically not connected to a computer.  We use computers all day, using it as an interconnected system that delivers information to us.

As the tech gets more complex, so does what people are inventing with it.  Here's some highlights from a recent discussion with some of the smartest students in America who are already working on their first inventions.  

The first invention is called "Thermodynamics builder" - which is very important for the manufacture of thermodynamically sound computers. This is the method used to conduct thermodynamic experiments in a highly complex environment. 

The Thermodynamics of a Computer I used to be involved with the field of electronics. I was also involved in the design of many computers. After I completed my PhD I applied for a job as a mathematician (the software engineering job in the Department of Physics at Northwestern University). This was after I had completed my computer studies at Stanford University as well as my lab at Stanford University. 

I was hired to build and test products and services at the Apple Computer and in the development of the new Apple Macintosh. These products and services are called the "Apples" and Apple Mac computers. In 1979 I went to Germany where I went to start a computer research project I called the "Apprentice Computer Science Institute" (APIS) in Erfurt (Germany). I was a computer scientist at the APIS.

Next is the "Molecular Mechanism and the Mechanism of Control and Controlled Release" - which was first applied in the field of cellular and molecular-organism physiology in 1992 by R. F. T. Tylen, an MIT graduate student. In the early 1990s, many in the field of molecular-organism physiology (MOC) realized there was a lot of confusion over this problem. 

As more and more researchers, including me, realized what they had known for certain for decades, the situation became increasingly difficult to overcome. 

These new discoveries were made much more widely in the early 1990s, especially during the last decade of the 20th century. The first such discoveries, under the name of "Cetyl-Alcohol-and-Cetyl-Phosphonic-And-N-3-Cholinesterase," were made during the 1960s by Dr. John L. Rummel III at the University of California–Davis where he first began his career in the biomedical field of molecular-organism physiology. Rummel would then go on to become the Director of the Institute...

Lastly, what they're calling the "Growth Stabilizer" - It allows you to make any shape, shape, or form that you desire in a single application and you can do so with the help of a simple user interface. The Growth Stabilizer is a patent pending system of self-organizing micro machines that you can program to grow or deform the body of any kind of living thing such as a sheep, a tree, a leaf, or even a tree in a space. 

The Growth Stabilizer is a very powerful device (you just need to select the shape and shape and click OK). It is designed to be used in many different ways. I hope to share more of my Growth Stabilizer experiences in the future and I hope to share more of my Growth Stabilizer experience in the future.

So, let's take a look at the Growth Stabilizer: have a few things to say and this is all the info that I have. Growth Stabilizer Technology – A new way for me to get started with my own business!

Jin Hong
Berkeley Newsroom

75c Per Gallon Cash Back, At Hundreds Of Gas Stations - Upside Is The New App That Does It...

Photo of The GetUpside Review Cash Back Gas

The App is exploding in popularity, after being well known on the East Coast their recent addition of gas stations on the West Coast has made Upside a nationwide success.

No Membership or Signup Fees - Just Download & Get Paid...

They got this part right.

There's nothing sneaky going on here, this isn't some program you need to join and pay a monthly fee for (and hope you buy enough gas to make it worth it). Nope - none of this!

Just open the app, and nearby stations show up on a map along with how much they pay in cash back.
Just download it, and whenever you need gas, open it.  It will show you nearby gas stations and how much cash back you can get per gallon. Press a button in the app when done, and you'll have the cashback funds within 3 days (it's never taken them more than 24hours for me personally).

Some Are Cashing Out HUGE Amounts...

For people who drive for a living, this is like getting a full-on raise at work. 

Truck drivers, delivery drivers, Uber/Lyft drivers can reasonably expect to earn THOUSANDS per year from this.

As you can see in the image at the top of the article, a local news station did a report on cash back apps and featured GetUpside, and a local resident who had already made $900.

An Extra BOOST For Our Readers...

Thanks to the folks at GetUpside, here at Technews CITY we're able to offer our readers an additional 15c/gallon cash back with this Upside Promo Code!  You just have to sign up through our link here

Get it now at

Try it out and drop us a line in couple weeks and share how much you've saved so far,

Author: Don Kennedy
Austin Newsdesk / GetUpSide Review

Mark Cuban of Shark Tank Talks Bitcoin, Economics, Coronavirus and More on Pomp Podcast...

Mark Cuban and Bitcoin Photo

Mark Cuban, the billionaire entrepreneur and investor. He is the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks and chairman of AXS TV. He is also one of the main "shark" investors on the ABC reality television series, Shark Tank. 

In this conversation, Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano and Mark discuss the current economic and health crises, the subsequent monetary policy decisions, how various asset classes will perform, what small businesses are doing to survive, whether corporations should receive bailouts, what privacy concerns people should be aware of

Video Courtesy of Pomp Podcast

Will The Next Silicon Valley Be In Canada!?

A new study reveals if Apple was to launch in Canada it would generate $250 million on gross revenue in the country. With its current sales figures it is valued at $700 million, making it a $500 million company.

This would be a company that sells more iPhones than all other countries combined. The fact that Canada is such a great country should not be an excuse, but it is.

Canada could be the next market for Apple in North America and that's something to brag about. Canada has been a great place for Apple as a retailer, as they sell in all the major retail outlets including the big chains.

What would you rather buy in Canada? A pair of smart black leather Apple Watch cases or a pair of blue Apple Watch Sport Sport cases? The answer is you might choose the new Apple Watch that Canada sold out of last week. If Canada continues to sell, they may very well get Apple to come

Author: Charles Miller