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19 of The World's Largest Tech Companies ORDERED to REVEAL Algorithms Behind Their Latest AI Developments....

ai in europe

The European Commission is making 19 tech giants, including Amazon, Google, TikTok, and YouTube, reveal their AI algorithms under the Digital Services Act. This is a significant step towards making AI more transparent and accountable, and ultimately, improving our lives.

As we know, AI is expected to impact every aspect of our lives, from healthcare to education, to even how well we write. However, it also generates fear, such as concerns about machines becoming smarter than us or causing harm inadvertently. To avoid these risks, transparency and accountability will be crucial for AI to benefit us positively.

The EU Artificial Intelligence Act aims to achieve this goal. By sharing commercial information with regulators before using AI for sensitive practices such as hiring, companies can be held accountable for the outcomes of their algorithms. EU rules could quickly become the global standard, making this a significant development in AI regulation.

However, there's always a balance to strike when it comes to regulation. The major tech companies view AI as the next big thing, and innovation in this field is now a geopolitical race. Too much regulation could stifle progress, but at the same time, we need to make sure that companies are accountable for their algorithms' outcomes.

Companies will also need to answer any questions the commission members have about their AI projects.

\This is a significant development for AI regulation that will benefit everyone. By making AI more transparent and accountable, we can ensure that it improves our lives and avoids the potential risks.

Will They Even Have The Answers?

Interestingly, AI researchers are increasingly devoting time to understanding what AI is doing. Sometimes they can dig into the data and identify particular parameters on which the AI relies heavily. However, explaining why AI did or said something can be like explaining a magic trick without knowing the secret. 

This may be the most alarming revelation from these hearings – the creators don't always understand their creations.

Author: Trevor Kingsley
Tech News CITY /New York Newsroom

Browser Startups Say They Can't Fairly Compete With Chrome and Safari, and they may get Regulators to take Action...

Rivals in the web-browser market are raising concerns about the dominance of Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome, and global regulators are taking notice as they focus more on the power of big tech companies.

How Safari and Chrome became so big and what moves regulators are considering...

 Video Courtesy Of WSJ

Public Trust In Tech Companies Reaches New Lows...

Fortune and Harris' new survey of consumer trust in the major tech companies showed that no company surveyed (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft) can claim that more than half of consumers entrust them with personal data. 

The online survey of more than 2,000 consumers in mid-October found that Amazon topped the list, with 49% of respondents saying they trusted the company with personal data (e.g., browsing history, location data, contacts, and photos). 

How The Big Ones Faired...

Google was approved by 41% of respondents, Microsoft was trusted by 40%, and Apple was approved by 39%. Facebook came in last place, with only 22% of Americans surveyed agreeing they trust them with their personal information, and Apple was fourth despite its efforts to position itself as the most privacy-friendly tech company. 

48% of those polled said that their perception of the company had become much more or somewhat negative over the past six months, while 17% said that their perception has been much more or somewhat positive. 

The public’s distrust of big technology comes at a time when Congress is considering a new, comprehensive federal privacy law. 

Stewart Reese
Silicon Valley Newsroom

Make YOUR OWN Google? Take Customization To The Next Level...

customize google

Internet has affected our lives to a great extent and most of us browse the internet on a daily basis. Be it for information sharing or getting latest news or current trends or connecting with friends, Internet is widely used and is accepted as the most powerful media of late. There are search engines that help us collect information on the net and Google is one of the most successful ones. It is provides information on a few clicks and makes it easier to collect data and find sources of information and services on he internet. 

Google has come up to be a part and partial of a net browser in recent times and many people hit the Google home page more than one in day. So, it only becomes evident that one may want to customize the webpage to suit a user’s needs and gives a more homely feeling. Designing your own Google page is not at all difficult and is pretty fast and is lot of fun doing it.

Many want to change the Google logo to their name or company’s name to personalize the web browsing feeling. Google MyWay is one such endeavor from Google which helps people customize the search engine’s look in their own preferred and singular way. 

It is a simple application that can replace the Google logo with your name or company’s name. Once you open the website in your browser, you would be guided to the webpage that gives you options to change the Google logo. Follow the steps to get a customized Google home page.

  • Enter your name or company’s name in the text field.
  • Click on MakeIt button to customize the Google home page.
  • You would then get a url with the personalized name which you can pass on to your employees. The url would look like company Name.
  • Bookmark this page or set it as your default webpage and use it like your personal homepage, each time you browse on the internet.

Similarly, you can also visit the to make the search page of Google customized with your name. This is more simple and instant and helps you to create your ow Google Style Logo as well as search page. Follow the steps shown below to get a personalized search page.

  • Enter the text in the free text area provided, say for example you type ‘Your Name’.
  • Click on ‘Create my Search Page’.
  • Now, save the url you get, i.e., as your default page in the browser and share it with others.

If you want to add a little more glamour to your name on the Google search page, then you can try the third way, which even adds a little bit of style to the whole this. It is very easy and creatively satisfying. There are various themes for you to choose from. Design your own shining Google search page by following the given steps.

  • Enter your name in the free text field provided at
  • Click on ‘Create It Now’
  • Once you do it, your browser would prompt you to ‘Use this web page as your homepage’.
  • Click on ‘Yes’ to save it as your default page and start browsing.

You can also share this with your friends with their name in the personalized section and give them a pleasant surprise.

Alex Benningram
New York Newsroom