75c Per Gallon Cash Back, At Hundreds Of Gas Stations - Upside Is The New App That Does It...

Photo of The GetUpside Review Cash Back Gas

The App is exploding in popularity, after being well known on the East Coast their recent addition of gas stations on the West Coast has made Upside a nationwide success.

No Membership or Signup Fees - Just Download & Get Paid...

They got this part right.

There's nothing sneaky going on here, this isn't some program you need to join and pay a monthly fee for (and hope you buy enough gas to make it worth it). Nope - none of this!

Just open the app, and nearby stations show up on a map along with how much they pay in cash back.
Just download it, and whenever you need gas, open it.  It will show you nearby gas stations and how much cash back you can get per gallon. Press a button in the app when done, and you'll have the cashback funds within 3 days (it's never taken them more than 24hours for me personally).

Some Are Cashing Out HUGE Amounts...

For people who drive for a living, this is like getting a full-on raise at work. 

Truck drivers, delivery drivers, Uber/Lyft drivers can reasonably expect to earn THOUSANDS per year from this.

As you can see in the image at the top of the article, a local news station did a report on cash back apps and featured GetUpside, and a local resident who had already made $900.

An Extra BOOST For Our Readers...

Thanks to the folks at GetUpside, here at Technews CITY we're able to offer our readers an additional 15c/gallon cash back with this Upside Promo Code!  You just have to sign up through our link here

Get it now at http://GasCash.app

Try it out and drop us a line in couple weeks and share how much you've saved so far, info@technews.city

Author: Don Kennedy
Austin Newsdesk / GetUpSide Review