This Stock Trading App Just LIFTED Requirements To Claim 3 FREE Stocks...

Webull Reivew 2022 Free Stocks

Now There's NO PURCHASE NECESSARY To Get The Free Stock! 

You may have seen previous promotions from this and other stock trading apps for free stocks, but then learned that comes only after you buy some, or transfer your account over from another broker.

They're experimenting with making it easier to claim, by lowering requirements dramatically.

Simply Deposit ANYTHING - Yes, Even $1 Will Get You Your Free Stock...

Because of its user-friendly UI, Webull is one of the top stock trading apps. The US-based worldwide financial trading provider has a simple and user-friendly design that appeals to both novice and experienced stock traders.

Options, stocks, ETFs, and American Depository Receipts are all available (ADRs). Webull offers zero commission trading and no minimum deposits on all tradable assets.

On pace to Become The #1 Stock App...

Is the newcomers at Webull, hoping that their offer of 4 free stocks worth up to $6300 for new users wild o the trick. 

Yes, this is the same company that was doing 2 free stocks a few weeks ago, they have indeed doubled it.

Their competition Robinhood still only gives 1 stock, and limits it's value at just $200.

It's War for the #1 Spot Among Stock Apps...

Now offering 3 free stocks to new users who join via special invite links like this onethis is double the free stock giveaways that competitors offer.

Team's Review Conclusion: This Actually Is The Better App...

Webull feels like it has all the power features other apps lacked, there's much more data available, but remains user friendly.

It's worth trying, especially if they're giving you 4 stocks to do so. So head on over to Webull's site and claim yours! It's extremely simple to use, and most people will learn the basics of using it within a day.

Once you've learned the basics, and the amount of money you have invested rises, you want more.  You want more details on the companies, in-depth charts, more data on the market, etc.

There's an almost endless list of features and tools to learn.  

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Author: Don Kennedy
Austin Newsdesk | Webull Review