"2 Free Stocks, If You Just Try Us Out" - Robinhood Competitor Announces In Attempt To Draw In Traders...

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The users of Robinhood haven't been happy lately, they're actually getting together and suing the company for negligence over a series of outages that left them unable to trade on the day with "the highest single-day market gains in recorded history” according to the lawsuit.

On pace to overtake Robinhood is the newer game in town, Webull, and their offer of 2 free stocks worth up to $1200.

Rival 'Webull' Makes Waves...

With Robinhood struggling, their biggest rival Webull is standing up and taking them on. 

Now offering 2 free stocks to new users who join via special invite links like this one, this is double the free stock giveaways that Robinhood offers. 

Many credit Robinhood's success to their 'free stock for new members' offer - so will it work twice? Probably.

Honestly - Webull Is Actually The Better App...

Webull feels insanely more powerful, has more data available, but remains user friendly.

It's worth trying, especially if they're giving you 2 stocks to do so. So head on over to Webull's site and claim yours!

Robinhood's Strength is Also It's Downside...

A huge plus with Robinhood is that you feel comfortable suggesting it to a friend or family member who is just beginning their journey into investing.  It's extremely simple to use, and learning how is really something most people can do in a day.

But once you've learned the basics, and the amount of money you have invested rises, you want to know more.  You want more details on the companies, more data on the market, etc.  Robinhood users will be out of luck. 

Webull users will discover an almost endless list of features and tools to learn.  

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Author: Don Kennedy
Austin Newsdesk | Webull Review


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