Actor Leonardo DiCaprio - Quitting Hollywood For The Financial Tech Industry?

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Okay, so while he is entering the financial sector professionally, he won't be making it his full time gig.

And he'll pay $50 if you try it out for yourself! (Keep reading)

Yes, the rumors are confirmed - a "green digital banking" solution that just launched is backed by the funds of DiCaptio himself. This just part of multiple earth-friendly investments, others include the climate technology fund with Princeville Capital, and new adviser role with green start-up Bluon Energy.

The app is called Aspiration, which NerdWallet described as "the only socially conscious bank on their list" caught his eye. Now it's caught ours, so lets get right in to this Aspiration Review!

"Each year, $100 billion worth of pipelines, drilling and other fossil fuel-extraction projects are funded with money deposited at traditional banks. To bring about long-term solutions for our planet, we need alternatives that empower everyday consumers to take action against climate change…" is how DiCaprio decided to invest in the new app, he tells us.

With this, the Aspiration Banking App has $100 Million in venture capital to play with, and they're spending it.

This graphic shows some of what they're hyping up:
Aspiration bank Zelle cash back app
A look at some features...

Get Your Piece Of This $100 Million Pie…

Now you can get those good feelings Leo got, by getting the app, getting a $50 'welcome' deposit from then, and then choosing a charity you'd like them to donate another $25 to.

At a price tag of $75 spent on every new user it's the biggest mobile banking app bonus we've seen so far.

…and that's not even everything, lastly, being a user comes with cell phone insurance up to $600 included for free!

I have to admit, it feels good getting some perks from a bank, that's something I only heard of as a 'back in my day' story from parents and grandparents.

So, is this thing actually worth using?

It actually is! They refund your ATM charges (not just the ones your bank charges, they literally pay you $3 if an ATM charged you $3!)

It's free, or has a fee… that's up to you! Donate if you like it, or not.

They pay you interest on the funds you save with them, and those profits won't be made by investing in companies that pollute.

So do some good for the world, and claim your $50 by joining the free app now.

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Author: Don Kennedy
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