Apple Introduces All New Security Measures to Protect User Data When a Phone is Stolen...

Apple iphone new security

Apple has introduced a new safety feature in their latest iPhone software update to help protect your personal information if your iPhone is ever stolen. It's called Stolen Device Protection.

What it does:

If your iPhone is stolen, this feature makes it harder for someone else to access your private stuff on the phone, like your bank details, saved passwords, or Apple ID.

It works by requiring Face ID or Touch ID instead of just a passcode to take certain actions on the phone. For example, if your iPhone is in an unfamiliar location, the thief would need to use Face ID or Touch ID to make payments with your saved cards or log into your accounts. This helps ensure only you can access your private info, even if a thief knows your passcode.

It also makes you wait 1 hour before changing critical security settings like your Apple ID password if your phone is not in a familiar location. This gives you time to mark your device as lost and secure your account if it's stolen.

What it doesn't protect:

If a thief knows your passcode, they can still access your email and info in unprotected apps. Apple Pay will also still work with just the passcode.

How to turn it on:

First, update your iPhone to the latest software (iOS 17.3 or higher). Go to Settings > General > About to check your current iOS version.

Then go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode. You may need to enter your passcode. Look for "Stolen Device Protection" and turn on the switch so it turns green. This enables the feature.

Author: Trevor Kingsley
Tech News CITY /New York Newsroom