FREE FOOD Delivered During Coronavirus Crisis - Don't Go Hungry While 'Sheltering In Place' Thanks To These Apps...

Photo of DoorDash Promo Code and Uber Eats
Just because the streets are empty, doesn’t mean your stomach needs to be too!

A number of services have made account credits available to people who may need to use their services during this time.

Here’s how you can claim free food delivered to your door while you 'shelter in place'.

Note: These are only for people who have not used these programs before. Unfortunately for existing users these will not work. 


DoorDash: This one is fast, easy, and a enough to cover a meal!

  • You MUST join this special link, otherwise no credit will be given.
  • You will receive a $15 to spend in the app immediately!


Uber Eats: You Uber drivers can't take passengers right now, but they will deliver your food!

  • For this one, you need to go to and enter code “eats-rossi3”.
  • The amount varies by area but expect something between $5 and $20, also immediately!


Groceries Delivered: While food from restaurants is great, you may want do make a home cooked meal, or need items that aren't food related at all. For that, there’s Shipt.

  • They’ll buy ANYTHING you need at the grocery store (places like Safeway) and deliver to your door.
  • Click here and get $50 off!

America thanks our delivery workers!
Make sure to tip them a little extra during this challenging time.

Author: Garrett Kain
Silicon Valley Newsroom