So, I Just Fell Head First Into The Blockchain and Bitcoin Rabbit Hole...

Crypto with Bitcoin
Once I discovered Blockchaine I spent an entire day learning everything I could about the tech, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

What the heck is the 'blockchain' going to be? Why do you want it anyway? What's the deal with the name 'Blockchain' being in quotes? Why is that important?

To my knowledge this is not the first time someone has asked this of Blockchain in recent days or week? If I were to guess I would say that the information might have been discovered on some other blockchain as well.

I asked - without blockchain what is our hopes of ever actually having people or a company willing to run an audit to verify that the information they were sharing was accurate?

After a period of time he decided to go ahead and contact the person I had linked to the information on Blockchain and to prove I had used his user information. He informed me that there is a problem with his information and that I will have to submit some sort of document to prove I am who I claim to be and that this is just the beginning.

I responded that I would do everything I could to verify this information and offer a reward to anyone who confirms some of this information. We agreed that if this info is not correct then I will take the money and he will keep it for himself. He did not take any other action to confirm that he had not given me the wrong information.

In the end, I caught up on the latest cryptocurrency news so I knew what was happening today.This process requires a considerable time and effort.

I've decided my first move will be in the crypto loan market wish me luck!

So, sorry to my mom, dad, girlfriend.  I'm one of those guys who won't shut up about blockchain.

Author: Weson King