New Zealand Wants To Raise Their Tech Game, and They May Just Pull It Off...

new zealand tech
For New Zealand to be the most competitive for digital investments in the world, we need more internet providers in New Zealand.

This can be done by moving the National Broadband Network to the public sector and putting the government on the back foot, and with it putting the public on the side of broadband." New Zealanders Need Better Telecom Services  is another reason that people should demand the national broadband network built by the government.

The reason that so many Kiwis rely on the current government for basic services such as telecommunications is that the government simply doesn't have the money to build a modern, high speed broadband network.  It doesn't have the ability to spend hundreds of millions on a network that would actually make high speed fibre accessible to all the people of New Zealand.  It's simply not going to happen.

This is because New Zealand uses international standards for telecommunications.  In other words the international standards for telecommunications are set up to be the same with respect to bandwidth or frequency that the New Zealand government must provide itself for the purposes to which it is responsible for building the National Broadband Network.

The National Broadband Network can be built in two major parts: The National Broadband Network will have to be built, and be fully operational, throughout NZ.  What this means is that the company that will build the network must be the national broadband company.  It will not be owned by the Government, and it will not be controlled by an international consortium.  This will mean that the company that builds the network has no corporate shareholders, and will not be beholden to the political considerations of any company in New Zealand.

The Government owns, or at least has control of, a majority of the company that develops, manufactures and/or distributes the NBN (i.e. Telstra).  This means that when the company builds the NBN it can choose to build the NBN of its choice, it can choose to be a private company or a government company, but it cannot be both.

If the Government decides to sell that monopoly to the company that creates the new fibre infrastructure in the next ten years (such as NBN Co or CVC Group) the government will no longer be able to dictate to the company which technologies they choose to use.  It doesn't have that option.  So the Government has a very little control over the company that builds the NBN.  This makes the NBN less attractive to new companies that want to build or maintain

Author: Hal Burr