Lawyers Beware: Artificial Intelligence Is Learning Law - And Doing Frighteningly Well...

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AI or artificial intelligence is starting to find its footing in the legal field. The world is now on the brink of revolution in legal profession spearheaded with the extensive use of AI in the entire industry, specifically by the in-house lawyers.

Just like how email greatly changed the way people conduct their business on a daily basis, AI is also expected to become an ever-present force and an invaluable assistant to almost all lawyers.

But the million dollar question now is, what does the future look like for AI as far as the legal industry is concerned? A much bigger question is, will AI soon replace real life lawyers? And if this ever happens, would there be moral or ethical dilemmas that must be taken into consideration when it comes to AI and its use and adoption in the legal field?

What’s the Future of AI in Law?

If you will consider the future of artificial intelligence in the legal field, there are several certainties here. First off, those that fail to embrace and adopt this change are going to fall behind the rest in one way or another. Second, those that actually choose to use AI will get the chance to enjoy more freedom to tackle two things that they always lack enough time for: advising and thinking.

AI in Law – How Technology Helps Lawyers 

These exciting developments in technology initially don’t seem to leave much room where human lawyers can get involved. But, technology helps a lot in making the lives of lawyers so much easier, simpler and more flexible.

Thanks to technology, legal professionals get the chance to work from the comforts of their home with the use of remote desktop programs and cloud software. But, these are comparatively outdated. Good thing there are now companies that connect barristers and law firms with freelance paralegals and law students that allow quick and easy outsourcing of tasks with no need for an entire legal team to stay in one office or building.

This kind of advancements not only allows lawyers in law firms to have more efficient work as they also change how lawyers interact with their clients that moves away from the usual solicitor’s firm.

Will AI Technology Replace Lawyers?

There is very little chance that these changes in technology will push real life lawyers to the side anytime soon. While AI and similar automated programs are excellent resources, there is still a substantial limit to what these logical and formulaic programs can do and achieve.

On the other hand, people skills have become more valuable than ever because the only way for technology to take over is if clients are also robots themselves.

What Will Be the Impact on Technology on Today’s Legal Field?

Technological innovations will continue reflecting the needs of clients. There is no doubt that AI will change how lawyers work and hopefully, it will also make daily tasks such as legal research and drafting more cost effective and efficient. But at the end of the day, clients will still prefer to have an experienced and real legal adviser by their side who knows how to use the latest technology to their full advantage while keeping a good interpersonal relationship.

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