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Currently, a lot are going through hard times due to the effect of the recent pandemic which hit the globe gross. This pandemic is not one that would be forgotten too soon as many have lost their family members and loved ones, many have lost their jobs and source of livelihood. In the midst of this threat to sustenance, cryptocurrency loans are helping to provide for needs.

When Covid Hit...

In late 2019, coronavirus was identified as the cause of the disease (COVID-19) outbreak that started in China. The disease started to spread and increase around countries as people traveled around the world ( it has infected people in over 200 countries) and in March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak a pandemic.

The pandemic has since its start has impacted virtually all the sectors negatively and continues to eat deep into the economy as it continues. Its effect has been termed as the worst recession the world has faced since the Great Depression of the 1930s and it is believed that only a partial recovery would be seen in 2021.

In a quest to contain and combat the virus, countries have been forced into debts with the UK government spendings on the virus measures pushing to a staggering over £2 trillion debt. A lot of people have lost their jobs (700,000 in the US alone), some people have seen their salaries take a huge cut, the inability to gather a large crowd has put an end to cinemas and live performances by musicians, and the sustenance of many is at stake.

To cushion the effect of the pandemic, many countries are implementing favorable financial measures to increase their health systems capacity and provide relief to the sectors and citizens that are mainly affected. Researchers are trying hard to make a vaccine but it may take between 1 and 2 years to find one that works safely, so a cure is not seen in near months.

Despite The Negative Effects Of The Present Pandemic, Crypto Loans Is Working Wonders..

Crypto loans are helping to save lives today. With the effects of the pandemic hitting hard, the eyes of many are being widely opened to crypto loans.

You can acquire a bitcoin loan within a short time, it only requires you to create an account on the loan platform. The transactions are transparent and instantaneous at no extra fees asides interests making them cheaper and also fraud-free.

Are you being severely hit by the effects of the pandemic?
Is your means of sustenance at stake?
Do you have cryptocurrency investment you don't want to lose and yet want to make passive income on them?

A crypto loan may just be the solution!

Author: Dustin Hajivic
UK News Team

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