DoorDash, UberEats and Uber Promo Codes... For EXISTING Users!

Promo Code For Existing Users Of DoorDash and Uber Eats

If you’re using Uber, UberEats, or DoorDash, you likely got your first ride or placed your first order employing a promo code that was strictly for brand spanking new users. Since then, you’ve spent plenty but haven’t gotten any discounts, like they forgot about existing customers.

Finally there’s an answer for everybody asking when these apps will have promo codes for existing users! It’s about time those that faithfully and frequently get rides from Uber, or food delivered from Doordash and Uber Eats get something too.

The Existing Users Discount Comes Via a replacement ‘Cash Back’ App

Yes, it’s totally free — no membership fees ever! you merely use it when ordering your food from Doordash/UberEats, or before you invite a ride from Uber.

It’s called Fluz and it’s available for both iPhone and Android.

Promo Code and Existing Customer Makes A Happy User  DoorDash Existing Users Enjoying A Promo Code

Up To 45% Cash Back EVERY Time…

Yep, we’re not talking a few small discount either. This really adds up if you employ these apps often like I do.

At the time of scripting this , the present offer is 20% but i think it goes as high as 38% and as low as 2% (there’s dozens of popular places you'll earn cashback from on here, and it looks like they rotate which of them pay high or low).

Getting A Promo Code As An Existing User of Uber and DoorDash

The Fluz App Is Quick Cashback Earnings From Dozens Of Popular Places. catch on at

Actually Get Your ‘Cash Back’…

You may have wasted time on other apps that used the term ‘cash back’ just to see future discounts  had a limited place to use them.

I’m happy to report, none of that BS here. You’re able to transfer money to your checking account via PayPal — whenever you want… the cash = back!

With No Fees, Ever…

This isn’t some scheme where they’ll let a bunch of individuals join free, then slap a monthly fee thereon once it’s popular enough. They promise NEVER to charge a fee.

“No transaction fees. No signup fees. No payout fees” the sole thing the app allows is EARNING!
How Can they are doing This?

My first concern was — are they selling my personal info? the solution isn’t just no — but they’re actually protecting it. You’ll only got to link your card once then can begin spending at dozens of places earning cash back. Before Fluz, you'd have needed to offer your card to each single one among them. They guard your info with “Bank level-security” AES-256 encryption.

They’ve simply arranged partnerships with the businesses you see inside. Apps like this attract smart spenders — the people that search for good rewards programs actually tend to earn extra money . They’re people that are smart with their money, because they worked hard to earn it.

So — existing users of Uber, Uber Eats, and Doordash — enjoy this one! Life isn’t so bad as an existing customer.

Grab your discounts at

Author: Cody Garrison
Palo Alto Newsroom

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