Teachers And School Admin Begin A New Aggressive Online Safety Program, Learning How To Track Down Bullies, and Stop Cyber Attacks...

The Partner Schools Global Network (PSGN) are giving schools support by training teacher and administrative the importance online child protection awareness and cyber well-being. They provide services such as the Online Safety Program, which helps schools to prepare for and respond to cyber crime attacks and identify risk indicators. 

For the first time ever, a school has a secure portal to identify and respond to cyber attacks. Letting all online bullies and trolls to stay far away, we know who you are. 

Communicating online is a great way for children to build social connections, share thoughts and ideas, while learning about their interests. With this pandemic, children's social life have been set to a halt , while online harassment, bullying and cyber harassment are increasing at an alarming pace. Their goal is to create a safe place for kids, which allows parents to keep track of their kids' online activities.

Without over bearing control over the content of online media, kids would be exposed to even more damaging cyber threats.

Parents have found it challenging to suprvise their children online while keeping the idea of privacy alive, since there are numerous ways to harass and stalk kids online. Tragic incidents in the world have made us more aware of how real this online, "make believe" world full of trolls, catfishes, even some scammers is, more alive than it ever has been in the world before.

Truth is, as time continue to go, it will only become more and more present, even apart of ever aspect of daily life task, with inventions like AR, VR, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Watching the amount of our children's friends dwelling away from sleep over to, text them at the dinner table, online chat rooms.

Technology surely isn't going anywhere. If anything, we will become totally dependent on these technologies, which are only becoming more and more powerful. With enlightened knowledge , we can truly feel connected. Be sure you take advantage of all the ways to protect your child online. Overall, we need to adapt technology to our lives in a manner that is both secure and sustainable.

Author: Kirsten K. Knoll
Palo Alto Newsroom