Amazon's Echo Dot *4TH GENERATION* Reviewed...

Amazon may get more attention for its higher-end Echo speakers, like the Echo Studio and therefore the new 4th Gen Echo, but the standard Echo Dot is far and away the foremost popular speaker within the lineup. The 3rd Gen model was released in 2018, and has proven to be a superb little smart speaker, and with Amazon’s frequent and aggressive sales, you'll pick one up for a song, making it easy to place the Alexa voice assistant in every room of your home.

So it’s no surprise that alongside the large redesign to the 4th Gen Echo, Amazon has also redesigned the Echo Dot. The new 4th Gen Dot shares the new spherical design of its larger sibling, just on a smaller scale. It’s immediately available in three different variations: the quality model for $49.99, a version with a built-in LED clock for $59.99

Video Courtesy of CNET