Amazon's 'Record Breaking' Holiday: BILLIONS Of Packages Delivered...


Amazon Delivery

Amazon said it delivered billions of orders during the holiday season, including over 1.5 billion toys, home products, electronics, and beauty and home care products. The retailer also said small and medium-sized businesses within the US sold nearly 1 billion products via Amazon, adding that third-party businesses on Amazon saw worldwide sales grow 50% over the holiday season compared with 2019.

Amazon is taking a glance back at a number of its highlights from 2020, a year when it saw huge profits amid the coronavirus pandemic. during a blog post on Monday, the web retail giant said it had a "record-breaking holiday season" with its "biggest-ever customer savings, small business growth, and community giving."

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In addition, Amazon touted its efforts to continue deliveries flowing during the pandemic, saying it "invested over $10 billion to assist keep employees safe and deliver products to customers." reps said it made onsite COVID-19 testing available for lots of employees within the US, noting that an Amazon worker is tested for coronavirus every 10 seconds.

Monday's blog post paints a rosy picture, but the corporate also has faced criticism from some warehouse workers over working conditions and lack of protections during the pandemic. In October, Amazon revealed that almost 20,000 US employees had contracted COVID-19. reps said it planned on pay $500 million in bonuses to workers most exposed to the pandemic.

Stewart Reese
Silicon Valley Newsroom