What's Up With WhatsApp?! Company Gives More Details On How Much Data They'll Collect, To Help 'Confused' Users.

WhatsApp has extended the deadline by which its two billion users must either agree to its updated terms and conditions or stop using the service.

The original deadline was February 8, but users now have until the 15th. May to act.

They want to end any "confusion" about their stance...

Since the announcement and notifications have been broadcast on its platform, millions of people around the world have downloaded alternative encrypted messaging apps such as Signal and Telegram.

Originally, WhatsApp said personal messages have always been encrypted and will be kept private, adding that its practice of sharing certain user data with Facebook was nothing new, and was not going to be extended.

 "The update includes new options that people will have for messaging a business on WhatsApp, and provides greater transparency on the how we collect and use data” he said. 

In an FAQ article, WhatsApp explained that the data it already shares with other Facebook companies includes: phone number and other information provided during registration (such as name)  information about your phone, including make, model and mobile company your IP address, which indicates the location of your internet connection  all payments and financial transactions made through WhatsApp.

However, this does not apply in Europe and the UK, where privacy laws already ban some of the practices.

So, what WhatsApp is doing seems pretty clear - now decide if you're willing to be a part of it. 

Martin Tello
Silicon Valley News Team