iOS 14.5: What's New? A Look At The New Features Of The iPhone and iPad Upgrade...

In June 2020, Apple introduced the latest version of its iOS operating system, iOS 14, which was released on September 16. iOS 14 is one of the largest iOS updates from Apple to date. It includes changes to the home screen design, major new features and updates to existing apps, Siri enhancements, and many other improvements that streamline the iOS user interface.
  • First of all, iOS 14 features a redesigned home screen that for the first time supports widgets.

  • Widgets can be dragged from the Today view directly onto the home screen and can be pinned in different sizes. With a smart stack function, the iPhone can use the intelligence on the device to display the correct widget based on time, location and activity.

  • Each home screen page can display widgets related to work, travel, sports, The Today section, which stores widgets, has also been redesigned.

  • There's also a widgets gallery where users can select new widgets from apps and customize those widgets.

  • Swiping to the end of the app pages on an iPhone opens the new app library, an interface where all of the apps on your iPhone iPhone to see everything at a glance.

  • Apps are organized in your folder system, but there are also Apple-made Apps folders like Suggestions and Apple Arcade that cleverly display apps.

  • New app downloads can be added to your home screen or saved in the app library to keep the home screen cleaner.