Helping The Older Generation Navigate Social Media...

Seniors and social networking

Getting started on social media doesn't have to be complicated or overwhelming, but for anyone who's helped grandma learn to use Facebook can vouch, overwhelmed is usually how the feel.

But even the beginner can become familiar with the jargon and procedures in a very short time by following some simple guidelines that will have grandma an grandpa comfortable in no time!

1. Social media doesn't require a degree in rocket science. Don't make it harder than it is.

2. Give careful consideration to what you want public.

3. How can you share knowledge and participate social media for a subject you have authority on?

4. Consistency is crucial. If you tell people to message you there, you need to regularly check your messages.

5. A post today is a post forever. The posting may come first, but the reputation will follow.

6. There are many social networks to use. Don't be limited to one or two. Besides facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, consider Yelp, Pinterest, and YouTube.

8. Followers will be loyal if they are given good information on a regular basis. Don't let them down.

9. Pictures must be chosen with care. People are quick to judge a book by its cover.

10. Be flexible. Technology changes everything. Be ready to adapt and change with it.

11. There are millions of people using social media. So there's always something new and interesting. If there isn't figure out why you're looking in the wrong places. 

Soon you'll be sharing messages and media with your family in no time!

Author: Cody Garrison
Palo Alto Newsroom