Web 3.0: The New Internet Is Coming, and It's Bringing These Challenges...

Web 3.0

The trend in internet evolution has been to "decentralize" the internet. Web 1.0 featured company-controlled content, but web 2.0 features company-controlled platforms that host user-generated content. Why shouldn't web 3.0 provide a new platform for content development that is independent of corporate control?

Initially, sites relied on the accuracy of publishers' reputations. Web 2.0 degraded data quality, increasing the effectiveness of misinformation and deception on the internet. Will accuracy checks be included in the agreement to accept machine-managed data in web 3.0? Who makes the choice, what qualifications do they have, and what motivates them to be fact-based rather than pushing an agenda?

Data tampering is a major cybersecurity problem when it comes to data that will be used to train AI...

People can make up inaccurate data to get the outcomes they desire, making AI the largest deception system on the planet. When Microsoft opted to teach their chatbot "Tay" by allowing it to learn from Twitter, fraudulent messages were sent to the computer, training it to be racist. 

Consider what a nation-state could do to cause havoc by feeding AI false information or altering word meanings. How will cybersecurity experts identify, block, and erase data intended to deceive?

What happens if our systems rely on data and that data isn't available in Web 3.0? 

Today's internet is littered with broken links. Machines will either have to make local copies of everything on the Internet or, as in web 2.0, get material on demand. This could lead to a greater reliance on the availability of systems over which IT staff have little control.

The trend in the evolution of the internet has been to "decentralize" the web. Web 1.0 consisted of company-controlled material, whereas web 2.0 is made up of company-controlled platforms that host user-created content.

Shouldn't web 3.0 give a new platform for content creation that isn't controlled by a corporation? 

Ready or not, we will soon see what form web 3/0 will take, and what flaws it will bring with it. 

Alex Benningram
New York Newsroom