Apple's VR Headset is Being Shown To High-Level Apple Employees...

Rumors in Silicon Valley are flying about Apple's VR headset - apparently some high level staff have been actually been able to try them out!

Apple has shown its board a new VR headgear it has developed. The gadget has apparently been under development at Apple since 2015, according to rumors. We do not yet know its appearance or many of its characteristics. It could be weeks, months, or even a couple years before an Apple headset is released, but the implication is that the item exists.

The company's foray into virtual-reality devices was met with resistance and objections from Apple executives, notably former Apple design leader Jony Ive. Apple is also anticipated to announce a pair of AR-only glasses in the future, but they are not as far advanced as the forthcoming headgear.

No release date set, but when the headset launches, it will likely disrupt the wearable VR ecosystem. Today, Meta's Oculus goggles generally dominate this market. Meta's marketing for the metaverse has generated a great deal of buzz, promoting a cyberpunk future. Despite this, Meta has gone all-in on its AR and VR goals, wasting $10 billion on its metaverse endeavors.

Video courtesy of CNBC