Chips Made To Accelerate Artificial Intelligence Processing - A Vital Step Towards an AI Powered World...

AI Accelerator Chips

Semiconductors are used in almost every industry and have become a very valuable asset. Developing and making these chips is a hard job. AI chip builders often neglect advanced deep learning needs and features because they think that software stacks between their silicon and algorithms may be enough abstract layers. But the performance gets better as more native hardware support is enabled.

Rebellions Inc, an AI-semiconductor startup, is working to solve this problem by making AI accelerators that close the gap between deep learning algorithms and the underlying silicon architectures. They are pushing the limits of algorithms to make better use of silicon budgets, and they are re-architecting AI processors to add complex deep learning capabilities using DL kernels that are built specifically for silicon.

The first chip made by Rebellions, called ION, came out in November 2021. The company says that it cuts down on delays and speeds up trading.

In terms of getting things done, it is thought to be twice as fast as the Intel Habana Labs AI Chip Goya...

Its main customers are investment banks around the world. The ION chips will be made by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) by the end of next year.

The company wants to make an AI processor for a specialized industry as well as the ideal software for it. With this strategy and a unique decentralized programming model, users will be able to equip themselves with the most powerful AI hardware that uses the least amount of energy and will also be able to integrate software without any problems.

In a Series A funding round, the South Korean startup got $50 million (62 billion KRW)...

 The round was backed by Temasek's Pavilion Capital. Korean Development Bank, SV Investment, Mirae Asset Capital, Mirae Asset Ventures, IMM Investment, KB Investment, KT Investment, and existing investors Kakao Ventures, GU Equity Partners, and Seoul Techno Holdings all took part in the round. With this round, Rebellions has raised a total of about $80 million (100 billion KRW), which is worth an estimated $283 million (325 billion KRW).

With these funds, the company plans to hire twice as many people and open an office in the U.S. They will also focus on making a lot of their second AI chip prototype, ATOM, which will be aimed at cloud companies and data centers.

Author: Preston Summers
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