Owners of EMPTY LAND are EARNING MORE than Many AirBNB Hosts, with Zero Time or Effort - All Because of THIS New Startup...

Hipcamp camping host

There's a rapidly growing community of polite people looking to get outside for camping, glamping, and RV stays during their travels - on private land.

It's called Hipcamp, and anyone with a property that allows visitors to connect with nature can be a Hipcamp Host! Whether you have an acre of primitive property near the Sierra Nevada, a hobby farm on the coast, a rural yard with a spot for a campervan, or a slice of desert on the route to Joshua Tree, odds are our community can’t wait to come!

The platform is EXPLODING, and among those who took notice have been rapper Jay-Z and actor Will Smith, who invested in the companies last fundraising round.

But when a new concept is hot, you don't need to invest to make a profit - you just need to participate, it'll cost you $0 and could earn you thousands.

In the first 8 months of after its introduction, numerous Hipcamp Hosts earned as much as $9,000, $11,000, $18,000 and even $21,000!

It's Sharing your place with our community of Hipcampers is a terrific way to connect people with nature while earning some extra income.

To encourage more people to open their land to hosting, those who sign up with code 'CampBonus' or click here to get a $100 bonus the first night they host guests on their property!

Hosts are provided with a $1,000,000 insurance coverage - at no additional cost...

A significant benefit of Hipcamp is the reassurance that you will be cared for. The Hipcamp Insurance Policy covers hosts against general liability claims of up to $1 million per incident.

It's free to list your property, they take only a 10% percent cut...

With Hipcamp, you may add as many listings and sites as you’d like so you can always make more by hosting more! This might range from $35 for a basic camping with little to no amenities to $300 group sites with exclusive lake access. 

There are simple plots of land, farms and ranches, vacation properties, and everything else. Regardless of what you have, as long as it isn't in the middle of the city surrounded by buildings - it is worthwhile to see if you're sitting on a profitable business without knowing it.

Hipcamp hosting
This couple went to see the Grand Canyon, and stayed on a host's land right outside of it!

3 Simple Steps:

1) You set the dates you want.

Hipcamp allows the blocking of any days you want to exclude from your hosting schedule.

2) Guests book their visit.

Based on the availability you provided, Hipcampers book their arrival / departure dates.

3) You get paid every week.

Set up direct deposit easily, and you will begin collecting weekly money.

Remember to use code 'CampBonus' when you sign up (or click here) you'll get a $100 bonus when your first guest stays a night!

It's being called 'the AirBNB of the outdoors' as it taps in to a whole world tent camping, RV travelers, and adventurers who would rather stay in cabins or treehouses.

Hipcamp cabin host
Vacation cabins that sat empty much of the year have become an additional income source for their owners.

Let's do the math...

Someone with open land can let people bring tents, and camp there for 165 days out of the year - at $55/night that totals $9,075 - and that's without sharing your land for the other 200 days out of the year! 

Someone with a vacation cabin can fill it on days they won't be there - at $155/night and only sharing it 100 days totals $15,500 - and they can still enjoy the cabin to themselves the other 265 days of the year! 

Visitors will be instructed to follow our guest guidelines, and a system is in place to identify and remove those who do not...

During the checkout process, each Hipcamper acknowledges having read the rules and guidelines, plus you  can also establish specific guidelines for anyone staying on your property. Any user marked for minor infractions will be contacted by Hipcamp administration and given a warning and explanation of the situation. Serious violations will result in an immediate suspension from the platform.

Hipcamp's key principle is "Leave it Better," and all community members are encouraged to uphold this objective by adhering to the 'Leave No Trace' standard when cleaning up.

So far this hasn't been an issue - Hipcamp reports that Hosts frequently compliment Hipcampers' appreciation for their property!

Interested in giving hosting a shot? 

Visit Hipcamp for more info, and check out what some of the other hosts are offering. Remember to sign up using code 'CampBonus' for the EXTRA $100 when your first guest spends their first night!

Author: Garrett Kaine
Silicon Valley Newsroom
Tech News CITY