Sony & Honda Team Up and Target TESLA with an Electric Vehicle of Their Own...


Sony Honda Mobility

We're learning more about the concept behind Sony and Honda forming an alliance to launch a new Electric Vehicle, called "Mobility".

The focus: Entertaining those inside the vehicle, while the car handles the driving...

Cars will soon feel like hanging out in a room on wheels, as automated driving will remove the need for a driver to be focused on the road, as well as the need for passengers to not distract the driver. 

As a child, you may have had a parent raise their voice once or twice with a lecture about how "important it is not to distract the driver" as you and a sibling or friend forgot you were in the back seat of a car and began to get a little too rowdy "so sit still, we'll be there soon" the adult would end with.

But soon, rowdy kids in the back seat of car will transition from a potential danger to everyone on the road, to nothing more than 'annoying' to the adults who have to share a vehicle with them.  Parents will demand the family "sit still, we'll be there soon" but can now skip the lecture about distracting the driver - they'll be annoyed that the kids are making it hard to watch their movie or something.

Sony and Honda have made it clear they imagine a very similar future...

We learned this week they are considering integrating the Playstation 5 into its upcoming EVs, which are due to be released under their new joint venture.

The president of Sony Honda Mobility, Izumi Kawanishi, says that Sony’s strength in the entertainment and gaming industry is something the company plans to use to its advantage.

"Sony has content, services and entertainment technologies that move people ...this is our strength against Tesla" said Kawanishi.

When could we seen these on the road? Well, the project is open about the very early phase they are currently in, saying they "will have to evolve considerably" until the ideas become a functional vehicle ready for the public roads.

Author: Takashi Iccho
Tokyo Newsroom | TechNewsCITY