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Will The Next Silicon Valley Be In Canada!?

A new study reveals if Apple was to launch in Canada it would generate $250 million on gross revenue in the country. With its current sales figures it is valued at $700 million, making it a $500 million company.

This would be a company that sells more iPhones than all other countries combined. The fact that Canada is such a great country should not be an excuse, but it is.

Canada could be the next market for Apple in North America and that's something to brag about. Canada has been a great place for Apple as a retailer, as they sell in all the major retail outlets including the big chains.

What would you rather buy in Canada? A pair of smart black leather Apple Watch cases or a pair of blue Apple Watch Sport Sport cases? The answer is you might choose the new Apple Watch that Canada sold out of last week. If Canada continues to sell, they may very well get Apple to come

Author: Charles Miller