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Earth Will Survive, Humans Might Not...

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So humans must come with a way to fix it. The obvious answer is energy.

Now, there is really no need and no reason why this solution hasn't been tried already. We could use a whole bunch of nuclear energy, as many of such as the sun. We could generate the energy by burning coal, wind power, oil or nuclear reactors. If the government is interested, it wouldn't be too hard, but why give up on it?

As energy becomes more available, more people will want to use it. If we start with the cheapest solution then that will be energy access to people. We have the technology for this.

The problem is that if we make energy more expensive then we will end up being a burden to society, a burden for the taxpayers and a burden for the climate. If we make energy more expensive, it will create more demand and the economy will get more productive. As this happens, it will only happen because more people want to go to work. People will come out of retirement, go to work and have a job.

If we allow governments to take away energy rights so that the people are dependent on the governments for their access to energy, we will see more pollution, more climate change, more destruction and a higher cost of energy.

It seems to go without saying that governments do this to people. If the environment is on the line they destroy people's livelihoods, like in Iraq and Afghanistan. They destroy entire populations with chemical weapons and in the case of Israel.

If we don't have energy rights why would we have the people rely on us? They do their job as a responsibility and are responsible for the world, not us. So how is it going to work that we depend on all those people?

Now think about this from the point of view of the people. Is this really a problem? It feels good to look at your smartphone as you are working or watching TV. But from the person's standpoint this is a huge burden. From their perspective it's not so good to do that and not have the energy. In fact, they don't even have enough energy to even start doing their work.

The answer is energy access from renewable sources. This is important. But the solution is not to make more energy expensive. It is to provide more power from renewable sources.

To make that happen, the governments need a very strong price signal. And this doesn't get any stronger than the one that allows for unlimited supplies.

Author: Hal Burr