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After Exclusively Targeting PCs For YEARS, RANSOMWARE Targeting MAC Users Being Developed By Known Cyber-Criminal Group...

Mac Ransomware

Mac users - you're no longer immune. After years with of dozens of versions plaguing the PC world, Mac may soon join them as targets of Ransomware attacks.

In short, Ransomware renders a computer unusable, and all its data inaccessible, until a 'ransom' is paid to the criminals who created it.

Behind it is the group behind the infamous LockBit ransomware, setting their sights on macOS for the first time with the goal of becoming the first major ransomware operation to target the platform...

According to cybersecurity researcher MalwareHunterTeam, the LockBit gang has developed new ransomware encryptors for macOS, ARM, FreeBSD, MIPS, and SPARC CPUs, all of which were discovered in a ZIP archive on VirusTotal.

Among the encryptors found in the archive is the 'locker_Apple_M1_64', which is designed to target newer Macs running on Apple Silicon, as well as PowerPC CPUs, which older Macs use. The archive was also found to contain previously unknown encryptors for ARM, FreeBSD, MIPS, and SPARC CPUs.

While these encryptors are still in development, cybersecurity experts warn that they could pose a significant threat to consumers and small businesses, especially those targeted by LockBit affiliates. However, according to Cisco Talos researcher Azim Khodjibaev, the encryptors were meant as a test and were never intended for deployment in live cyberattacks.

MacOS cybersecurity expert Patrick Wardle also confirmed that the encryptor is far from complete and missing the required functionality to encrypt Macs properly. In fact, the LockBit developer must first figure out how to bypass TCC and get notarized before becoming a functional encryptor.

But the fact a group has decided to focus on the previously-safe Mac shouldn't be downplayed - there's a good chance they'll figure it out. 

Now Experts are Wondering: Are Mac Users Prime Targets Specifically Because They're *NOT* Expecting It?

Because they haven't been targeted before, Mac users may have their guard down.

Mac users need to begin doing the things PC users had to be vigilante about for years. Keep your operating system updated, avoid opening unknown attachments and executables, generate offline backups, and use strong and unique passwords at every site you visit. Stay safe out there, folks!

Author: Trevor Kingsley
Tech News CITY /New York Newsroom