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China is Creating DNA Records for EVERY American - Using a Combination of Hacking, and Buying US Businesses To Get It...

This is story everyone should be aware of, yet few have heard.

Initially reported over a year ago, verified by both the NY Times and 60 Minutes, this isn't something anyone is still wondering "is it true?" - it is. 

But even those who became aware of it as a result of those initial reports are likley unaware of all of the disturbing details we've learned since then.

Chinese firms are gathering genetic data from around the world, part of an effort by the Chinese government and corporations to develop the world’s largest bio-database.

These are the claims made in an alarming declassified official American intelligence report...

In the report, the National Counterintelligence and Security Center asserted that the United States must improve the security of vital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, semiconductors, and other technology relevant to the so-called bioeconomy.

Michael Orlando, the interim director of the counterintelligence center, a division of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, stated that China and other countries are attempting to dominate these technologies by using both legal and unlawful tactics to gain American know-how.

China and other nations have long targeted the American private sector in an effort to steal American technology and intellectual property.

Other countries, such as Russia, continue to pose a threat, but China's economic power makes it the greatest threat, according to officials.

China believes that dominating these fields will provide it with an economic advantage, and American companies are also spending extensively in these areas. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to transform numerous facets of society, including military operations. Quantum computing would enable nations to break the most secure encryption now in use, and semiconductors are essential not only for computers but also for many consumer goods.

Officials are now now emphasizing the convergence of technology, genetic, and biological research as a competitive and espionage-prone field. Edward You, the national counterintelligence officer for new and disruptive technologies, stated that the Chinese government was gathering worldwide medical, health, and genetic data. The nation that has the best database of knowledge will have an advantage in discovering remedies for future pandemics, he stated, and China is already in the lead.

Among the most extreme theories on why China would want this data: Bioweapons that target specific DNA sequences common among US citizens, and rare among Chinese...

In recent years, the FBI and the counterintelligence center have increased their wide warnings to corporations and institutions regarding Chinese attempts to steal American technology. Some of these overtures have been met with skepticism, especially by colleges that fear the U.S. government may be attempting to restrict the number of Chinese students studying at American universities.

While the U.S. government can review many Chinese purchases of American firms, other Chinese investments are more difficult to monitor. Mr. Orlando stated that an American corporation collaborating with a Chinese company should take precautions to safeguard its data.

Alex Benningram
TechNews.CITY / New York Newsroom