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Ads That FOLLOW and TRACK You are REAL - The (Free) Chrome Extension That Blocks Them...

Ad tracking privacy online

 Consider the advertisements that are tailored to your interests that you see online. You do a search for a new pair of shoes, and almost immediately afterward, you start to see advertisements for them wherever you go online.

What can be done to put an end to this creepy behavior? To begin, you have to determine who is looking and what they are able to see. 

It is not easy to opt out of receiving interest-based advertisements from Google and all of the other companies that work with the technology giant. We were fortunate enough to find a browser extension that makes the process quite simple.

What you need is this addon for the Chrome browser that disables these ads.

IBA stands for 'internet based advertising", the above Chrome extension, which Google has given the somewhat unassuming name IBA Opt-out, does precisely what its name suggests it will accomplish. While you are surfing the web, you can use it to opt out of receiving targeted advertisements from Google. According to Google, the extension allows users to opt out of the use of the DoubleClick advertising cookie, which is used by Google and its advertising partners to show you interest-based advertisements.

When it comes to the download and the installation, there isn't really any of either: You only need to add the extension to your browser, and then everything will work properly. After doing so, you will no longer be subject to interest-based advertisements from Google.

The following is a list of features that come with this extension:

  • A number of websites that work with Google will no longer display advertisements tailored to users' interests.

  • Install once, and you're done.

  • Even if you delete all of the cookies from your browser, your decision to opt out will still be honored.

You want even more browser extensions to keep you safe while you're browsing the internet, right? You don't need to worry about a thing. You may increase the safety of your browsing experience by installing one of these three browser extensions.

Things to take into consideration regarding the IBA Opt-Out

It is essential to keep in mind a few factors that the people who reviewed the extension might have neglected to mention. Even if you opt out of having interest-based advertisements displayed on websites you visit, you will still view general advertisements.

You should still expect to receive advertisements from Google and its other advertising partners. What you won't see, though, are ads that have been specifically targeted to you using Google's marketing data.

There are some individuals who like interest-based advertisements to generic ones. They believe that it is preferable to view advertisements for things that are relevant to them rather than material that is completely unrelated to them. This add-on for your browser gives you control over the kinds of advertisements that appear on your screen. Happy surfing!

Author: Garrett Kaine
Silicon Valley Newsroom
Tech News CITY