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FPT INDUSTRIAL AT CES 2022 in LAS VEGAS - Showcasing Future Mobility and Sustainability...

FPT CES 2020

The world’s largest manufacturer of low-environmental impact industrial engines, FPT Industrial, joins the world’s most innovative trade fair, CES 2022 in Las Vegas, to showcase its revolutionary concepts for future mobility and sustainable industrial transport. 

The Brand’s new 2200 sq ft stand is organized into four Innovation Areas, each dedicated to the most advanced technological solutions for a sustainable energy transition in its business segments: on-road, off-road, marine, power generation engines, and powertrain systems.

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The electric axle suitable for heavy-duty, 4x2 / 6x2 44-ton GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) semi trucks is the star of the On-road Innovation Area. Delivering high performance (840kW) and outstanding efficiency (>92%), the e-axle for HCVs (Heavy Commercial Vehicles – Class 8 Trucks) has been developed thanks to the joint-venture between Nikola, IVECO and FPT Industrial for the version of the NIKOLA TRE BEV, the first units of which will be delivered in the US in 2022. The On-Road Innovation Area will also have the e-driveline and energy storage offering on display, showing how FPT Industrial is contributing to developing the powertrain of the future. 

The Off-Road Innovation Area will be showcasing the F28 Natural Gas engine and its application on the first vineyard tractor to run on bio-methane. FPT Industrial and Fontanafredda, a historic winery in the Langhe Region (Piedmont, Italy) founded in 1858, teamed up to produce the “Vigna La Rosa cru” Barolo wine, which is included in the Wine Spectator’s Top 100, with this innovative CO2-neutral tractor.

The Marine Innovation Area features a totally new and extremely innovative Hybrid Electric Marine Propulsion System Concept for leisure and commercial vessels. Fruit of the collaboration between FPT Industrial and the Italian startup Sealence, the Concept incorporates the FPT Industrial N67 570 EVO biodiesel engine, which is coupled with a variable-speed permanent-magnet electric generator, used as a range extender to recharge the battery pack. The range extender and the battery work together to provide maximum energy to the electric DeepSpeed Hydrojet developed by Sealence. The result is one of the most efficient, effective, environment-friendly and quiet-running – when operating in full electric mode – marine propulsion systems.

Playing a primary role in the decarbonization process of agriculture through biomethane is the manifesto of the Power Generation Innovation Area, featuring the world’s first variable-speed, hybrid, multi-mode genset concept, developed entirely by FPT Industrial.

The new Smart Hybrid Hub is based on the first F28 variable-speed, low-pressure methane engine for Power Generation, fueled by biomethane obtained by the anaerobic digestion of agricultural waste and cattle slurry. The aim is to create a sustainable, net-zero-carbon circular economy, enabling farmers to become ‘Energy Independent’ from fossil fuels and able to generate additional revenue streams deriving from biomethane surplus sales.

FPT Industrial’s partner in this project is Bennamann Ltd., a fast-growing British agricultural technology company in the field of clean energy, specialized in the supply and production of net-zero biomethane from organic waste.


FPT Industrial is a brand of CNH Industrial, dedicated to the design, production and sale of powertrains for on-road and off-road vehicles, as well as marine and power generation applications. The company employs more than 8,000 people worldwide, in ten manufacturing plants and seven R&D Centers. The FPT Industrial sales network consists of 73 dealerships and about 800 service centers in almost 100 countries. A wide product offering, including six engine ranges from 42 hp up to 1,006 hp, transmissions with maximum torque of 200 Nm up to 500 Nm, front and rear axles from 2 to 32 ton GAW (Gross Axle Weight). FPT Industrial offers the most complete lineup of natural gas engines on the market for industrial applications, with power that goes from 50 to 460 HP. This extensive offering and a strong focus on R&D activities make FPT Industrial a world leader in industrial powertrains. For more information, go to

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GRAB AR Revolutionises the World of Image Sharing and Collaboration....

 Grab AR
Using exciting new AR technology, GRAB AR eliminates the need for long email chains and makes sharing images and information easy for anyone. 

Image sharing is an essential part of any job, hobby, or creative pursuit, and it can often result in long, tedious, and confusing email chains. GRAB AR revolutionises the process of image sharing, eliminating the need for email chains with an easy, innovative interface. GRAB AR is the simplest way to create, save, and share a collection of images with notes and links associated. Users can easily form grab collections and generate word and pdf documents to share.  

GRAB AR is designed with a simple, user-friendly interface that makes augmented reality accessible to anyone. The system includes features that enhance accessibility like browser plugins and website add-ins. The app also gives users the power to generate word or pdf documents quickly and simply form grab collections. Users can grab collections of chosen images on one screen to represent content, double-tap to add or view notes and links, position as desired, and save and share.

In addition to removing an image background, GRAB AR users will be able to add multiple images from a variety of sources. Users can grab images from their camera, a QR code, or a URL. Once the images are in the app, users can double tap the items to add or view any notes or links associated with that item. This allows users to store important information about that item, and make it easy to find at any time.

Users will also be able to move, scale, and resize images. GRAB AR creates an opportunity for users to visualise anything, from a landscape design to a new outfit, through images alone. After creating their collage, users can save it as a .GRABAR file for easy access at any time, and easy sharing. Through the sharing function, users can send visual information and associated links and notes to anyone, allowing for easy education and collaboration.

The GRAB AR app includes a number of helpful features to make any user’s AR experience smooth and functional. The content viewer and QR code scanner are safe, secure, and private, protecting user data, and making sure that users don’t have to share private information with anyone. In addition, the QR code scanner and generator make it easy to save and share items, putting the world within reach through the app.

The GRAB AR app also includes a web app where users can open and create.GRABAR files. This allows for quick access to the file on any device, making it easier to add, view, and manipulate images. This also enables easy sharing of information from the mobile app, allowing users to open it.GRABAR files without the use of the mobile app. GRAB AR also includes a QR code website add-in, another feature allowing easier viewing and sharing.

“Grab AR is a new concept which I haven’t seen before. It’s a total cut and paste scene, making your AR app flexible and customizable. Can’t wait to use more,” said user Usman Zia Ullah.

The GRAB AR mobile app is available to download in free or paid versions. The free version of the app allows for five images in each grab collection, as well as background removal on ten grab images per day. Users can also upgrade to a pro version of the app, which allows for an ad-free experience, collections with up to twenty-five images, and unlimited background removal.

GRAB AR makes it easy for users to interact with and manipulate images in any way they choose. The app makes it easier to collect important data, imagine new systems and projects, and share ideas without losing any important concepts or details. The app can be useful for anything from creating a shopping list to sharing essential brand information and is helping users bring their ideas to life every day.

The Evolution Of The Camera


GRAB AR is an advanced app perfect for anyone that uses their camera to create lists, produce content, price up work, or share information


Now, your camera can do so much more than simply taking photos. With GRAB AR it becomes a genuine tool that can save you immense time.


- Grab anything, and place it anywhere with augmented reality 

- Group pieces of content together to create specific groups/lists

- Add notes and links to your photos and content!

- Even create your own QR codes! 

Download the app now!

More information on GRAB AR is available on the GRAB AR website.

The app is available for download on the Google Play Store and the App Store.


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