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Here Comes Another Round Of Console Wars as Microsoft XBox and Sony Playstation Prepare To Release New Systems...

First, let's talk about PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One. As you may have guessed, Sony had the advantage in terms of consoles, but what does the PlayStation 4 bring to those platforms?

The most obvious improvement by far is the inclusion of 4K resolution. The standard for delivering high definition television image and gameplay content on PlayStation 4 is 4K. The Xbox One, on the other hand, only has 2D, and as such, it cannot deliver the high-definition picture of 4K.

And even with all of the differences, the PlayStation 4 can still give you the same gaming experience that you're already used to.

That's because the DualShock 4 is included with each system, and that alone isn't enough.

The PS4 also has an exclusive mode that allows people to experience their favorite online multiplayer games, so if you want to play Titanfall or FIFA 14 (both of which would be perfect on a PS4), you can do so.

What we all have to remember is that not every online multiplayer game is going to launch on Xbox One and PS4.

For example, there's the Battle Royale mode of FIFA 14 which will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4. That's because in the console market, it's hard to have a multiplayer online shooter that doesn't also support online multiplayer.

For example, we've all played Battlefield 4 online. And in the Battlefield world, this makes perfect sense. Battlefield 4 has been around for two years, and there are other console battles, which also are going to launch on PlayStation 4.

For us, Battlefield 4 is probably the game that everyone knows will be exclusive to PS4. Now, what would be the case if Microsoft and Sony added an online multiplayer mode into the console that gamers wanted to play on PC?

We'd probably all go ahead and buy a PlayStation Then you might see a similar situation occur on PC.

While the Xbox was is the first game to ship with 4K, there are other titles expected to launch next year. Most likely, we'll see the likes of The Sims 4, Minecraft, and Gran Turismo Sport as 4K releases.

Author: Harold Heimlem