Shark Tank's Mark Cuban Invests In Company That Gets Your Phone, Cable, TV, Internet and Other Bills Lowered, FOR FREE....

 Billshark Review -- Get Cable, TV, Cellphone Bills Lowered

It's one of Mark Cuban's latest investments, BillShark, and they claim they can "Save You Up to $3,000 a year" by lowering your current monthly bills.

You may have seen when NBC Nightly News recently featured them in their 'Saving You Money' segment about 'people who negotiate your bills for you' where they saved a real family $2000/year.

So, How Does It Work?

The idea is fairly simple: professional negotiators will spend a day working for you, contacting your cable or satellite TV, cell phone, internet provider, satellite radio (if you have it in your car) and even your home security system monitoring company. 

They're experienced with the top companies like Cox, ADT, Comcast, Time Warner, DirecTV, Verizon, and others.

What Are The Odds They Can Lower YOUR Bills?

Surprisingly, HIGH! For 90% of people they get at least one bill lowered!  The first from the team to try it out saved $24 a month on their cell phone bill (and kept the same coverage!).

They say with a $150/month cable bundle, they'll save you an estimated $324/year. So far, the biggest savings they were able to bring someone was $9500/year!

Verified reviews overall have users rating the service 9.8 out of 10, with over 1,100 users voting, which is pretty impressive.

What Does It Cost?

You pay nothing upfront, and if they don't save you anything - you pay nothing! It really is literally 'risk free'.

If they do save you money, they take 40% of the amount they saved for you. But considering you're paying them out of money you didn't have before they got it for you, it really is still better than free - it pays you!

Then, if you come back in the future their fee is only 20% because return users get a 20% 'loyalty discount'.

It Only Takes About 2 Minutes To Begin...

Click here and check them out for yourself, you literally can't lose!

Author: Brian Kimball
Portland Newsroom