The Startup Throwing MILLIONS At CA Residents To Save Power - How YOU Can Get Some...

OHMConnect OHM Review

OHM gives CA residents cash rewards and other prizes for reducing energy consumption when the grid is stressed.  They've been around since 2014 and have paid our a surprisingly large amount of cash.

Hundreds of thousands of California households participate in the program that helps reduce their at-home energy consumption.

How It Works:

For one hour, and only once or twice a month you'll receive a text message asking you to lower power usage.

Then they pay you!

Over $12 Million Has Been Paid Out...

Seriously -  they're really giving away some nice payouts to CA residents who are lucky enough to even know it's happening.

Those same lucky people earned $3.2 MILLION just last summer.

Energy saved is equal to planting 24,209 trees!

Who Qualifies?

A lot of people qualify for the program, they just don't know this exists!

If you're a California resident with PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) or SDG&E (San Diego Gas & Electric) or SCE (Southern California Edison) you're in!

Recently they expanded to support Texas users with 'Smart Meter Texas' and Ontario users with 'Toronto Hydro'.

They'll Give You Your First $10 Right NOW...

OHM has is extending an invitation to our readers, where anyone who signs up via this article will begin with $10 earned and already in their account!

Click here to learn more!  

Bradly Parceilli
Silicon Valley Newsroom